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    21 Reasons Wren Is The Real "A"

    Move over Ezra. While there is definitely some substantial evidence piling up against you and your crazy eyes, Wren is the one we should really be watching out for.

    1. In the very first episode of Pretty Little Liars, Wren wears board shorts.


    Would the producers do something this obvious? Maybe. After all, the Liars really don't discover "board shorts" until much later in the series, and maybe they thought we all had forgotten the first episode by then.

    2. Ezra is NOT the only older male on the show that has shown interest in younger girls.


    Um, hello, this is your fiancé's little sister, and you've known her for a hot second. This is not normal adult behavior.

    It is extremely suspicious how fast Wren falls for Spencer and dumps his relationship with Melissa in Season 1. It really makes you wonder, did Wren know about Spencer prior to meeting her?

    Perhaps Wren was using Melissa to get to Spencer. Maybe he knew who Spencer was because he had purchased and viewed some videos taken by the mysterious N.A.T. club? Seems like something a creepy older guy who's into younger girls might do...

    3. And let's not forget about the time Wren pursued Hanna.


    So Wren has shown interest in not one, but two teenage girls.

    Additionally, we also know that 'A' has always taken a particular interest in trying to break up Spencer and Toby's relationship, and that right around the time Hanna rejects Wren's advances, 'A' tries to run Caleb's mom off the road.

    Ezra's starting to look like a saint.

    4. Wren has massage skills.


    In Season 2, Episode 10, Hannah's mom gives Emily a gift certificate for a massage, but when Emily goes to the spa, she ends up getting a massage from 'A'. Apparently 'A' was good, because Emily didn't notice until after the massage was over that it wasn't a professional.

    Wren showed us in the very first episode that he is skilled in the art of massage.

    5. Ali hints that the identity of "A" should be more obvious to Spencer specifically.


    This could simply mean that with Spencer's amazing intelligence, Ali is shocked that Spencer hasn't solved the mystery yet. However, this could also be a clue, hinting to us that "A" is the most involved in Spencer's life.

    6. Wren doesn't have any friends his own age.


    Literally zero friends his own age. Why are you hanging out with teenage girls all the time Wren? Shouldn't you be busy working or something?

    Ezra at least had an old college buddy stop by once in the first season...

    7. We know almost nothing about Wren's background story.


    Wren is originally from England. So when exactly did he come to America and why? Unlike Ezra, we know almost nothing about Wren's former life.

    It is assumed Wren came here to attend medical school, but why leave England? Could it be that he is running from something?

    8. But we do know that Wren has a history of mental illness in his family.


    In Season 3, Episode 2, Wren talks to Hanna about Mona, and he mentions that he has gone through the same loss as she has because his dad had Schizophrenia when he was a kid. Schizophrenia can be passed down genetically. Just sayin'.

    9. His accent is so charming, it would be easy for him to lie without anyone picking up on it.


    In Season 2, Episode 23, Jenna says: "I bet even a lie would sound good in that accent."

    10. Wren's profession provides him with easy access to medical records and supplies.


    There are many instances on the show where it appears that 'A' has easy access inside hospitals.

    1) "A" wrote on Hannah's cast when she was drugged out in a hospital room.

    2) "A" added Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to Emily's pain cream.

    3) "A" stole Page Five of Ali's autopsy.

    4) "A" threatens the Liars with: See how easy it is for me to get your blood?

    With his doctor status, Wren could do a lot of these things without even seeming suspicious. He worked in the Philadelphia hospital when Hannah was there with her broken leg, and worked in the Rosewood hospital when Emily was there with her ulcer. Wren could have easily procured blood samples from either of these incidents.

    11. Wren's making bank.


    With all the weird stuff "A" gives the liars, we know "A" has to be fairly wealthy. Like seriously, how many sets of personalized dolls has "A" bought for them by Season 4? Not to mention all the lairs that "A" has. Real estate is expensive, ok?

    Wren's salary would provide him with more than enough money to fund his operations. How is Ezra going to afford any of this crap on a teacher's salary? Especially when he has basically disowned his entire rich family.

    12. Speaking of Wren's career...what is even going on with that anyway?


    Let's get real here for a second...Wren's career makes no sense.

    He jumps from job to job, hospital to sanitarium, and apparently he is qualified to work in a couple different fields of medicine. He always conveniently switches work environments when someone important is put into some kind of health facility he isn't already working in.

    Also, why hasn't Wren lost his job yet? He's always doing weird illegal things, like never telling Emily's parents that she took Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Her doctor would be required by law to inform them. Not to mention, Emily wasn't even his patient. Why would it be up to him to keep her secret anyway? How did he silence her real doctor from telling?

    13. Wren even really a doctor at all?


    In Season 4, Episode 10, Mona corrects Wren's spelling of "Diagnosis." Could just be a simple mistake, but it is definitely suspicious that a doctor of Wren's alleged genius, that attended an Ivy League College, and apparently can get hired at any hospital or sanitarium in Pennsylvania would misspell "Diagnosis." This is definitely something we're supposed to notice.

    14. It is implied that Ali knew Wren.


    In the first Halloween special, when Ali thinks Emily is having sex, she tells Emily:"I know a doctor if you want to go on the pill. He'll see you without telling your mom." Hmmm...kind of sounds familiar right? He made sure Em's parents never discovered the truth behind her ulcer, and he stitched up Hanna's leg in secret.

    15. Wren lives in Philadelphia, where most of "A's" purchases are made.


    Almost every time the Liars track down the obscure shop where an item was bought for them by "A," it's in Philadelphia. Who do we know that has a place in Philly? Wren.

    16. Wren tells Spencer he has OCD.


    In Season 2, Episode 21, Wren tells Spencer he can't sleep unless his bookcase is in alphabetical order, and that he has a touch of OCD. Not only is "A" once seen organizing and straightening hoodies, but the "A" lair is always pretty organized.

    17. "A" changed Mona's ability to receive visitors at Radley.


    Hmm, who started volunteering at Radley right around the time Mona became a patient? Who would have access to this? Looking at you Wren.

    18. Eddie Lamb does not trust Wren.


    Eddie Lamb, another worker at Radley, tells Spencer that there have been some discrepancies in the past with Radley ID badges, and it was linked back to certain staff members. We know that Wren confessed to letting Cece Drake in to see Mona when she wasn't permitted visitors, so it stands to reason that he was probably the one making unauthorized ID badges.

    Eddie also goes on to suggest that Wren was never at Radley for the right reasons. Super suspicious.

    Again, why hasn't Wren gotten fired anywhere yet?

    19. Wren knows about Red Coat and Vivian Darkbloom.


    Remember that time we see Wren sketching a girl in a red coat with DARK hair?

    Vivian Darkbloom was Alison's secret identity. Hardly anyone supposedly knows about Ali's secret identity...but Wren knows. And we know that "A" knows, because there is a picture of Vivian Darkbloom's drivers license in "A's" lair. Coincidence?

    20. Wren has fabulous style.


    See all of those suits in the new Ravenswood "A" lair? When do we ever really see Ezra in a suit besides special occasions? Wren is always dressing to impress. This seems like more of a Wren wardrobe.







    21. And finally...false evidence in the new Ravenswood "A" lair.


    These photos were in the new 'A' lair in Ravenswood. Upon seeing these photos, the Liars immediately rule out Wren as a suspect because they think that whoever is terrorizing them, must also be keeping tabs on Wren. It says: Wren at Radley on the paper, but these photos were not taken in Radley. If you look closely, you'll notice it says "Art Gallery" to the right of them, and there is also something else printed on the door behind them, but whatever it is, it is not "Radley Sanitarium".

    "A" isn't dumb, and wouldn't make a mistake like this. "A" would KNOW this isn't Radley. So why would "A" hang up false evidence? If "A" was Wren he'd do this to throw everyone off his scent.

    So we're onto you Wren.


    You sneaky, beautiful man.

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