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    This Nail Strengthener Might Just Save Your Damaged Nails

    This Nailtiques strengthening polish seriously ~nails~ it.

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    Hey, internet — do you bite your nails? I know I sure do, and I try allll the time to stop. Not only is it an unsanitary habit, but it can make nails incredibly weak and brittle.

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    Well, I found something that I think can help! Enter: Nailtiques strengthening polish ($8 on Amazon). Its formula is made with a special protein that quickly acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling.

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    It doesn't taste (that) bad and won't indefinitely make you stop biting. But! It will make them stronger and less brittle, meaning they won't break and peel as easily. It really did encourage me to stop biting once I saw they were growing! Take a peep at how AMAZING my nails looked in just a little over a month of applying this product.

    For the best results, apply every other day on bare nails.

    Oh, so you don't believe me? I guess I'll let these Amazon reviews speak for themselves. With almost 1,000 positive ones, this stuff is definitely worth a try. So let's take a gander at what some customers are saying!


    "A MIRACLE WORKER, I TELL YOU! If you're looking for a polish that will cure your brittle nails, this is the polish for you. I was known to bite my nails down to nubs and I wanted to change that. I wanted to have beautiful, long, and healthy nails. I stopped biting them and let them grow out. But my nails were so thin and weak which would cause them to crack. And before I knew it, there I'd go again biting my nails (this was an on-and-off thing for several years).

    I decided to take a chance on this product. Good lord, it was the best decision ever! THIS IS THE BEST THING TO TREAT YOUR NAILS WITH! I love it and now my nails are super strong. I was able to notice the results after a week of using it. They don't bend like they used to and now I am free to shape and paint my nails whenever and however I want! I also went to get a mani for the first time ever, because now I'm not too shy to show my nails." —Bernice

    Here's a fellow nail-biter like me showing off some major improvements!

    "This stuff is literally magic. I have had a nail-biting problem for as long as I can remember, and my nails have always been short and brittle. Within two weeks of using this stuff (YES, TWO WEEKS) my nails are long enough to be shaped and painted and not look disgusting. In the photo above, the right side has been trimmed and filed, so my nails were literally even longer than that. Nail-biters: this is the holy grail." —Lauren

    This customer saw these incredible results in just a few days!!!

    "I've always had nails that were flimsy and broke easily. I started painting them with colored nail polish regularly and my formerly bad nails got so much worse. They started peeling and I couldn't get them to stop. I tried lots of different hard nail products and noticed no improvement. Finally I tried Nailtique and I noticed improvement in just a few days. Now five weeks out it's like I have different nails altogether. They are healthy and strong and not constantly breaking." —B.G.

    People are even using this to recover their nails after years of gel and acrylic manicures.

    "What can I say that hasn't already been said?! It's the ONLY thing that works and it's nothing short of a miracle. I had disastrous nails my whole life, mainly peel-y and weak. I tried everything and nothing ever worked. Then I destroyed my nails with gel. Finally, after two months of consistent use, my nails turned around with this formula. Now they are so long and strong people assume they are fake acrylic nails. I have to make a point to shorten them otherwise they just get wicked, vixen long lol. If you go for it, and you should, USE IT EVERY OTHER DAY FOR A FEW MONTHS before evaluating. I am seriously the worst case, so if this worked for me, and continues to work, it will work for you. My confidence is seriously boosted. Good luck, ladies and gents!" —DW Griffith

    Bottom line, make like Sailor Moon and use this stuff for a magical nail transformation✨ Get it from Amazon for $8.

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    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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