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18 Annoying Everyday Occurances

Kourtney K Reacts

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1. Getting stuck behind really slow drivers

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Could YOU BE driving any slower

2. Pushy sales people

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No I don't want to buy 6 more so I can get 1 free

3. Somebody honking at you right when the light turns green

4. When somebody you hate asks you to hangout

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5. When somebody won't stop nagging you

Tumblr / Via

No; I really don't care what you think

6. When somebody spoils your favorite TV show

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7. Getting FaceBook game requests

Giphy / Via

Do I look like somebody who plays FarmVille?

8. People who read out loud what they're typing in an email or text message

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I don't care that you're telling your mom you'll be home for dinner

9. People who interrupt you while you're telling a story

Tumblr / Via

10. People who take up two parking spaces

Town Heckler / Via

You're driving a Fiat move

11. People who say "what's up" when they walk past you

Tumblr / Via

Do you want me to yell my answer at you as you walk away from me?

12. People who fake being drunk

Blogspot / Via

I swear I only watched you drink half a beer?

13. People who refer to themselves in the third person

Entertainment Wise / Via

14. When somebody won't stop staring at you

GifWave / Via

Take a picture it will last longer

15. When a person makes a sucking noise with a straw when the cups already empty

Crushable / Via

I can assure you there is nothing in that cup

16. Sick people who cough near you

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17. People who always have to be right and have the last word

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18. People to elaborate on their stories to the extreme

huffingtonpost / Via

I know for a fact you did not get invited backstage after that show and live happily ever after with the lead singer

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