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17 Reasons We Need To Talk About Scott Eastwood's Instagram

Where have you and your filtered abs been all my life?

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1. Just fanning my perfectly aligned jawbone. NBD. / Via instagram/scotteastwood

2. Just showing off my ~bathing suit~. / Via

3. Just relaxing my delicate merman parts in the sand. / Via

4. Just fixing houses and saving lives. / Via

5. Just staring into the abyss contemplating my V lines. / Via

6. Just focusing on not spilling my coffee cup with my ginormous muscles. / Via

7. Just holding my puppy because I'm adorable and kind to animals. / Via

8. Just lifting heavy stuff that could squash all of mankind. / Via

9. Just gracefully pouring water down my sweaty body. / Via

10. Just staring into your eyes with a toasted filter to warm you up. / Via instagram/scotteastwood

11. Just thinking about the cuteness of my chest hair curls. / Via

12. Just casually modeling with a brick. / Via

13. Just planting some trees as the sun hits my biceps. / Via

14. Just holding a pole as wind dances around my body. / Via

15. Just reading a classic novel and not getting any ~interesting~ ideas from it. / Via

16. Just using my neck muscles to rule the fishing world. / Via

17. Just basking in the sun and glistening like a gorgeous phantom spirit. / Via

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