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If Female Cartoon Characters Competed On The Bachelor

Is she there for all the right reasons?

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Daria Morgendorffer / Via

Daria is the first contestant to get the boot for her cynical remarks and lack of response to any question the Bachelor asks her. Daria doesn't even get out of the freakin limo in the first place because she'd think its dumb and would rather keep to herself and make comments about how stupid the other girls look. Sorry Daria, maybe next time!

DiDi / Via

Didi is that overly eager bitch with creepy wide eyes who makes some weird opening statement comparing the Bachelor to her dad or something. She's the weirdo who keeps sneaking out of the mansion to find him and constantly interrupts all of his conversations because she has no understanding of personal space and privacy, or concept of social skills whatsoever. Sorry Didi, you aren't ready to love right now.

Sharon Spitz / Via

Sharon crawls out of the limo and falls on the ground trying to make clumsy look cute but having it fail miserably. Sh then tries to awkwardly shake the bachelor's hand instead of hugging him and it leads to having her brace face tangled up in his grill which he is not feeling. He sees the good in her though because she's a sweet girl but eventually sends her home because he can stare at that broccoli in her teeth for oh so long.

Angelica Pickles / Via

Angelica is that bad ass bitch ordering jack on the rocks pretending it was her regular just to impress her bae. She ends up downing too much too soon and every episode promo includes her half naked in the pool asking for shots of tequila. The bachelor keeps her for two rounds (which confuses us and gives us false hope on how to live our love lives) but then she suddenly gets eliminated because she is "too much to handle".

Reggie Rocket / Via

The Bachelor loves Reggie during the first round because of her carefree attitude and athleticism. But during their one on one date he feels a strong disconnect to Reggie because she spends most of the time texting her brother Otto to see what's happening at the Shore Shack. He decides to send her home.

Daphne Blake / Via

Daphne is the winner of the first impression rose for charming The Bachelor and telling him of her need for "a man who can protect her from danger". Her physique and flirt immediately attract the Bachelor but after a few rounds Daphne decides to leave the show because she doesn't think this process is right for her and has feelings for a man named Fred back home. She also smells like wet dog the entire time which grosses everyone out.

Helga / Via

Helga didn't really stand out to the bachelor in the beginning because she was always hiding in the closets and in the bathroom so he never really had a chance to get to know her. Eventually The bachelor figures out that Helga is super clingy and obsessive when he discovers the shrine she built for him in the back of the mansion's closet. When he tells her she is eliminated she storms off screaming profanities about his head shape and steals his clothes to sniff on the ride home.

Ashley Spinelli / Via

Spinelli is the only Ashley left to remain because the bachelor is attracted to her bad girl attitude and confidence. While all the other contestants show up wearing pearls and fancy dresses, Spinelli hops off her bike in her combat boots and beanie because she "just wants to be herself". Spinelli kills it on the group dates with her competitive drive, but when she goes on her one on one date the bachelor isn't sure how to get her to open up to him. She refuses to talk about her emotions or move past the superficial conversations, so the bachelor decides to say goodbye to her because he isn't able to move past her tough exterior.

Misty / Via

Misty is the contestant who ends up befriending all of the other women and picks half of them to be her future bridesmaids. She's the one who sits with the girls during the cocktail parties instead of seeking out the bachelor because quite frankly she doesn't really care about him that much, she's more so there to have a good time, smile and get to know everyone. The bachelor gives her the boot because he wants someone that just wants him, not someone whose gotta catch them all

Debbie Thornberry / Via

Debbie is the sexy girl next door who is one of the front runners of the competition. Debbie makes it to the home town date round but when the bachelor visits her trailer he can't seem to picture their lives together due to the lack of housing and constant traveling. Additionally, Donnie ends up eating the bachelor's luggage so he must travel back to the mansion cold and barefoot. Sorry Debbie, its not gonna work out.

Ginger Foutley / Via

Ginger is the fan favorite, the girl that every viewer from home is cheering for because she is definitely there for the right reasons. Ginger ends up opening up to the bachelor about her past relationships with Darren and Sasha and shares with us a song she wrote for the bachelor to show him how much she cares. Ginger ends up getting eliminated towards the end of the season because the bachelor loves her, but only as a friend. Ginger may be in the running to be the next bachlorette!

Vicky / Via

Icky Vicky is the contestant who we immediately want to punch in the face because she's clearly a bitch and not even that pretty. Vicky makes this show super frustrating but also extremely addicting because we cannot understand how this dumb bachelor boy does not smell her evil. Vicky spreads all of the rumors, takes up way too much time with the bachelor during cocktail parties and sabotages the other contestants just to stay on top. FINALLY, right at the end the bachelor realizes maybe Vicky isn't who she says she is and sends her home. Took you long enough, idiot.

Lizzie McGuire / Via

Lizzie McGuire is the contestant who is eliminated during the second round but thinks the bachelor has made a mistake so she meets with him privately to plea her case and gets invited back onto the show. Lizzie ends up making it to the finale because of her honest heart and sense of humor, but ends up being chosen as the runner up which leaves her in tears. Lizzie exists the mansion and finds a boy named Gordo from her hometown standing by the limo with roses and assures her that she rocks and should never change.

and the final rose goes to.....Kim Possible! / Via

Kim Possible ends up winning the final rose on the bachelor because she is an all around perfect person: from being captain of her cheerleading team to getting straight As and living a double life fighting crime...she is the girl that everyone aspires to be. The bachelor is ready to call her beep her and reach her in any way he can for the rest of his life because he sees their future together and it looks beautiful. Kim didn't think she was ready for love because she was more focused on saving her planet but she is ready to settle down and put all of that crime stopping energy into loving her man.

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