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20 Popular Movies Edited To Be About Bagels

Because they obviously forgot to include them. Silly directors

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Legendary Pictures

Dear Bagel

Relativity Media

How to Lose a Bagel in 10 Days

Paramount Pictures

The Last Bagel

Touchstone Pictures

Gone Bagel

Regency Enterprises

Guardians of the Bagel

Marvel Studios

The Hunger Games: Catching Bagel


Teenage Mutant Ninja Bagels

Nickelodeon Movies

Man of Bagel

DC Entertainment

Les Bagels

Relativity Media

Magic Bagel

Nick Wechsler Productions

The Lord of the Bagels

New Line Cinema

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bagel

Anonymous Content

Finding Bagel

Walt Disney Pictures


Walt Disney Pictures

Bagels of the Caribbean

Walt Disney Pictures

The 40 Year-Old Bagel

Apatow Productions

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bagels

Warner Bros.

American Bagel

Zide/Perry Productions

The Bagel King


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