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10 Times Esmeralda Was Hotter Than I'll Ever Be

I dressed as her for Halloween when I was 8 and it didn't look the same.

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1. When she winked those green eyes like this


2. Voila! No sweat marks


3. My abs show through my dress like that too

4. when she's doing this and is fierce af

she looks like me minus 4 chins / Via

she looks like me minus 4 chins

5. this selfie would get over 100 likes in 5 min

it's a good day when mine get 12 / Via

it's a good day when mine get 12

6. when pink dust and smoke magically surround her and its nbd just go with it


story of my life

7. when shes getting burnt alive but is all like IDGAF

8. when she bangs that tambourine to the beat of my heart

shake that money maker / Via

shake that money maker

9. when she sips the water and you die because you drink water too


we are so similar it hurts

10. when you realize you look more like her goat


this is awkward now.

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