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    20 Dating Turn Offs For 20-Something Girls

    Guys take note. If you want any chance with her, pay attention to these things. Maybe print it out and put it on your ceiling.

    1. When a Guy mentions something about how much he loves his crazy World of Warcraft life or some other virtual universe, and asks if you play.

    Nope, sorry I have human friends thanks.

    2. When they mention that their favorite bands are Nickelback and Creed

    UGH Vomit

    3. Or if he plays in a truly terrible band himself, and forces you to listen.

    You play the TRIANGLE. Calm down.

    4. When a guys is "dipping" and asks if you want to join.

    Yeahhhh nooo I'm ok. Do that when I'm not around.

    5. When a guy says he doesn't think Kristen Wiig is funny

    6. When he is too aggressive and sappy via social media

    You know who you are #repost #sharethelove #oneworld #YOLO


    7. When a guy appears to get a different personality when watching sports

    Ok, who are you? You realize YOU aren't on the team... right?

    8. When a guy thinks it's funny to talk like a girl

    That ish is NOT CUTE

    9. When a guy's wardrobe consists of lots of Ed Hardy and cargo shorts

    WHO told you that was a good idea tho

    10. When a guy thinks Harry Potter is stupid

    and refuses to quote it/ accept it's brilliance with you

    11. When a guy's pants are tighter than yours

    How did you fit everythingggg in there?

    12. They use stupid pick up lines instead of just talking to you.

    Seriously some would prefer this.

    And you know what, I don't know if my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard so WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME THAT.

    13. If for some reason a guy talks in third person.

    Literally punch yourself in the face.

    14. If he immediately starts spouting off about his super devout religious beliefs or political views.

    It's totally cool to have those views, but DO NOT shove them down my throat please.

    15. When a guy thinks he's funny, but he's really just an asshole.

    Some assholes are funny, some definitely are not. Especially the ones who THINK they're funny and ALWAYS go too far.

    16. When a guy gets mad when I'm texting guys that aren't him.

    "Who the hell is Johnny?"

    "Johnny is my brother you asshole. Sit down."

    17. If a guy is super possessive and creepy.

    Protective, YES. (to a degree)

    Possessive? HELL NAH.

    18. If a guy smells bad... all the time.

    If you smell bad after the gym or a long day, fine. If you smell bad every day... nope nope no thank you.

    19. When a guy spends more time looking at his phone than me when we're together.

    At least pretend to be interested in me for like an hour?

    20. Lastly, if a guy takes and posts selfies that ARE NOT via Snapchat.

    Snapchat selfie? Be my guest. Real selfie? See you never.

    Guys: Memorize this list

    Girls: Don't worry ladies, your selfie-less dream guy is out there.