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  • “But My Kid Doesn’t LIKE Seatbelts…”

    So sad. Read in the paper today that a lovely young girl, who had just turned 16, was killed in a car accident on the way to her prom. Another teen was driving, and there were a number of others in the car. Most received minor injuries. But this girl, the only one in the SUV not wearing a seat belt, was ejected. And she died.

  • Danny Gokey Has a Heart for Kids

    If you watched American Idol, you no doubt know all about Danny Gokey, and how he lost his 27-year-old wife, Sophia, last fall. Sophia always wanted to have a large family. It wasn’t to be. But Danny, as a way of remembering his wife and of passing on her love for kids, has created Sophia’s Heart Foundation.

  • From Munchkin to Tin Man — How Fast They Grow Up

    I’m watching the current crop of Munchkins (they look so little!) and thinking back to just six years ago to when 7-year-old Matt was a Munchkin himself. Now he’s 5’9”, covered in silver face paint and metal and singing “If I Only Had a Heart.”

  • Are Your Kids Sexting?

    A survey from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy suggests that one in five teens have “electronically sent, or posted online, nude or semi-nude pictures or video of themselves.” A percentage that high means that many parents who think “my kid would never do that” may be surprised to learn the truth.

  • Share This Terrific Story With Your Kids

    Kudos to Steve Hartman at CBS for this piece about two unlikely friends, and thanks to CBS for letting me share it here. It’s a story to enjoy yourself and to share with your children. The power of friendship is an amazing thing.

  • Cell Phone In The Washing Machine!

    So I’m sitting here working on a magazine article on kids and cell phones, and I decide to take a break from the home office and switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer. (OK, and maybe grab some Triscuits and cheese… If there are downsides to working from a home office, like the constant reminder of dirty laundry, there ought to be upsides, like snacks. Right?) Perfect time to discover that my 12-year-old son left his cell phone in his pants pocket and it went through the wash cycle. &*^())#$#^!

  • Momagers, Momtourages and Mommy Mobs, Oh My!

    “We really want the kids to feel special at the magazine drive contest next week, and do not want anyone to feel like a ‘loser’ because they are all winners. So, we will all be responsible for bringing in presents and trophies for someone else’s child so everyone is included!” “You did a fabulous job at the Need-Organic-Glue-in-the-Classrooms Fundraiser. Thanks so much!” “In honor of Shalom-Winroads School’s 12.5-year anniversary, we are having a benefit. Have you bought your table yet?” If you’re a mom with a kid in preschool through middle school, you may be laughing, because you know these quotes from a post over at On Youth and Teens Today With Vanessa Van Petten aren’t all that much of an exaggeration…

  • Your Parenting-Blog Connection

    Looking online for a terrific parenting publication? I love what the editors are doing over at Western New York Family Magazine, with their new digital, 3-D, “flip-page” format. Check it out here. Even if you don’t live in their area, you’ll find lots of great parenting articles that will apply to your life.

  • Share This Story With Your Kids

    Kudos to Steve Hartman at CBS for this piece about two unlikely friends, and thanks to CBS for letting me share it here. It’s a story to enjoy yourself and to share with your children. The power of friendship is an amazing thing.

  • Heifer International: A Holiday Gift That Can Save a Life

    Every year, our family looks forward to getting Heifer International’s catalog in the mail and choosing a gift of shares of a sheep, shares of a pig, etc. that can make a difference in the lives of families living in poverty around the world. But New Jersey-based writer Melody Moser, who blogs over at Journeys Near and Far, did more than just send a check. She visited Heifer Ranch in Arkansas, and learned all about the organization and the cool stuff they’re doing. Check out her post, share it with your kids and then visit Heifer International and make a donation.

  • Elf Yourself!

    Have you tried “Elf Yourself,” the fun-and-free service from OfficeMax and JibJab? You can turn your family into silly dancing elves and share your dance with family and friends. It’s easy and it’s a hoot! Here’s the Sena family (featuring “Charlie the Rescue Dog”) sending you our disco wishes for a great holiday season!

  • Mindful Gift Giving

    I’m excited to introduce you to a wonderful guest blogger today. Janine Adams is a professional organizer in St. Louis, Missouri and the president of the St. Louis chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Check out her terrific blog at www.peaceofmindorganizing.com. Janine’s post helps us focus on thoughtful, creative giving at a time when many of us are trying to find more meaning in the holidays.

  • Piece of Cake!

    Dear readers, how cool is this? One of my favorite parenting writers, Jenna McCarthy, is our guest blogger today. She’s the author of the hilarious book, The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties. When she’s not busy buying and returning bakeware, she can be reached at jennamccarthy.com.

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