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    25 Times You Really Connected With Arthur

    "You mean... just LIE? You really think someone would do that? Just go on the Internet and tell LIES?"

    1. We've all thought this... right?

    2. Not cool, bro.

    3. SCIENCE.

    4. Best counter-argument. In any situation.

    5. Muffy doesn't hold hands with peasants.

    6. Thanks, Santa!

    7. What do you mean Dunder Mifflin isn't a real company?

    8. You feel me?

    9. NOPE.

    10. Life, Liberty, and Pizza.

    11. Oh, SNAP.

    12. Sometimes you just gotta

    13. I am the pizza. The pizza is me. We are one.

    14. ...

    15. Sometimes you just gotta

    16. This is what dreams are made of.

    17. Spiritual.

    18. Why does everyone keep saying that?!

    19. When Buster taught us to be discerning consumers.

    20. Priorities: STRAIGHT.

    21. Pretty sure I was Buster in another life.

    22. DW ain't having none of your ageist BS.

    23. Dad jokes: LVL 9001

    Do you need some aloe vera for that burn?

    24. DW discovers the Internet.

    25. See #18

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