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    12 Reasons You Should Start Listening To K-Pop

    Everyone's heard Psy's "Gangnam Style," but there's so much more gold in the world of K-pop.

    K-pop has been on the rise for a while, and when "Gangnam Style" was released a year ago it took the world by storm. But for many, that was the first and only look into the world of K-pop.

    If you're one of those people, you're missing out.

    1. Anna Kendrick's in a K-pop group.

    And Anna Kendrick is awesome.

    "Why are you playing Starcraft?" "I don't know... I just got really into this training montage."

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    2. They collaborate with US artists more often than you think.

    Wonder Girls ft. Akon, "Like Money"

    This one is completely in English.

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    3. They can SING.

    LEE HI, "1,2,3,4"

    This girl is only 16 and was the runner-up for the first season of K-pop Star last year. Now this Monster Rookie is racking up awards with her jazzy, soulful voice.

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    4. They can DANCE.

    Big Bang, "Somebody To Love"
    Just about every song has got an awesomely choreographed dance routine.

    They're fun to learn, and it's fun to admire the moves that we could never do.

    But seriously, check out Big Bang. I'm pretty sure these men were the cause of global warming. The world started with the big bang and it'll end with Big Bang too.

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    2NE1, "I Love You"

    A lot of the talents in the agency were scouted due to their dancing abilities so there are a ton of b-boys and b-girls in groups. They just happened to be excellent singers as well.

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    5. They can sing AND dance. AT THE SAME TIME.

    TaeYang, "I Need a Girl [English Subtitles"]

    Seriously, they're REALLY good at both of these things.

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    6. The craziest/best music videos.

    G-Dragon, "CRAYON"

    You can't deny that he's got style. A true artist. Also, this song is crazy catchy.

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    7. It's all about the independent ladies.

    missA, "I Don't Need A Man"

    This song's all about being confident in yourself and not having to rely on anyone else.

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    8. But really, these girls are the baddest females.

    "Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good, you know"


    Most of the big Korean girl groups have got a girl in charge of rapping, and she's in charge for a reason.

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    9. They're all ridiculously attractive.

    10. It's really fun to watch them fail at English.

    Don't get me wrong, most Kpop stars are really good at English

    Most kpop songs have verses, lines, or phrases in English mixed in and they're generally really good. But it's really funny when they're not.

    Here's a clip of a group of starts trying to figure out how to say basic phrases in English (and failing).

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    11. The bromance.

    They like making parodies of famous Korean dramas. The original is on the right and the version Big Bang did on the left.

    But basically they just cross-dress and fall in love with each other. It's hilarious.

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    12. But seriously, copious amounts of bromance.

    Nothin' really gay about it.

    This is 2PM playing a game where they pass a piece of paper around using only their mouths. It just means that they're all comfortable with their masculinity and close enough to the other members to play these kind of games!

    View this video on YouTube

    Basically K-pop is the best. The end.

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