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The Steps That Every Lab Worker Goes Through

Because doing science has its downsides.

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When you have to wear long pants..

...and you get to the lab smelling like the mice you'll be doing experiments on.

But, you're here and ready to do science!

Let's do this.

But first maybe some coffee.

Now you're ready to go.

This may or may not be what scientists wear everyday.

You work on a procedure all day.

And it's time to see how it turned out

And it didn't work.

And you're just like...

So you start again.

Maybe it will work this time.

And miraculously, it does.

Don't worry, you still won't know why it went wrong in the first place.

Then you're just like..

Because clearly you are a science genius.

And you leave lab that day feeling like..

So you go home, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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