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    23 Wonderful Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Sorority

    It's not four years, it's for life.

    1. Your Big is pretty much your role model, and has your back like a real big sister.

    2. You also have a wonderful Little who you're obsessed with and love unconditionally. Thank goodness this girl is in your life.

    3. You have a special bond with your pledge class because they were your backbone when you first joined, and have been there for you since the beginning.

    4. You have an awesome philanthropy to raise money for and support in creative ways. Being a sister has let you give back to a cause that's meaningful to you.

    5. You've learned to be crafty AF and glamorize EVERYTHING in new ways.

    6. You always have a sister who's down to do whatever, whether that means going out or just staying in with snacks and a movie.

    7. And speaking of food, you're pretty much surrounded by baked goods. They're legit everywhere and it's glorious.

    8. You attend awesome mixers, crushes, and formals that are more fun than anything you've ever experienced before.

    9. You're a professional when it comes to dressing for themed parties.

    10. Your sisters have lots of connections with fraternity members, which makes finding a date for those events that much easier.

    11. Your sorority keeps you on top of your work with study sessions and resources to help you maintain a high GPA.

    12. You have sisters who can hug you when you cry, even if it is just for pref night.

    13. You get to meet new people during recruitment, and feel proud of your sorority's accomplishments by celebrating on Bid Day.

    14. You live with a diverse group of girls in a beautiful house, and if you need anything, your sisters are right down the hall.

    15. Living together pretty much gives you access to everyone's closets. You always have a sister who can lend you a shirt for a night out, or a blouse for an interview.

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    16. You also have adorable apparel to show off your letters, making group photo shoots even more fun.

    17. Sisterhood activities and field trips have let you explore new places, try new things and learn more about your sisters.

    18. And the leadership opportunities available have helped you become the best version of yourself.

    19. Alumni events and workshops strengthen your bonds with graduated members who can provide mentorship and guidance with post-grad decisions.

    20. You have sisters who live around the globe, so you always have a place to stay and a travel buddy when you want to explore the world.

    21. Your sisters have lots of professional connections, so they're great resources for networking opportunities to help you secure a job in the real world.

    22. There are members who not only share your sense of humor and interests, but your morals and values. You are truly connected on the deepest of levels.

    23. And lastly, your sorority has given you the most amazing friends, a home away from home, and a family that will support you forever.

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