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"Out Of The Box" Was The Most Magical Show On Disney Playhouse

♫ Take one box, put it with another. ♫

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There once was a glorious time when Playhouse Disney was on TV screens across the nation and '90s babies could watch Out of The Box, the greatest show in history.


Watching the gang construct the house was mesmerizing, especially since it was made with just boxes and paint. "PLEASE LET ME COME, VIVIAN," your heart would cry with jealously.

Every time Tony shouted "come on!" and then climbed through the entrance to the clubhouse your mind was BLOWN. HOW DID IT MAGICALLY TRANSFORM INTO THE COOLEST CLUBHOUSE EVER?


The world was a brighter place when Out of the Box was in it. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER VIV AND TONY. Thanks for showing us that magic lies inside every cardboard box.

And for old time's sake, here's the goodbye song for you to relive the magic:

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