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26 Reasons Why It's Great To Attend The University Of Michigan


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2. Michigan has some of the most dedicated fans out there who are willing to camp out days and nights just to get the best seats.

3. Nothing beats waking up at 7 a.m. to get ready for a Saturday morning tailgate.

5. Even as a baby wolverine you got to partake in awesome traditions like walking across the fountain during orientation.

7. Plus, it's absolutely gorgeous and the perfect place to relax and ~hang~.

8. The entire campus is just so majestic even on the cloudiest days.

9. Even North Campus has some secret spots that are incredibly awe-inspiring. Look at this fountain. It looks like it's filled with liquid magic.

10. The law quad is your own mini-Hogwarts and you've secretly envisioned having your wedding pictures there one day.

15. Whenever you go to Good Time Charley's it's a guarantee you'll have a blast, whether you're watching the game, catching up with pals, or sipping one of their delicious fishbowls.

16. Thursday nights at Rick's and Tuesdays at Skeeps have shaped you into the adult you are today.

17. OK let's be real, Ann Arbor is home to some of the most amazing restaurants, like Frita Batidos. LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS. LOOK AT IT.

18. And you know life is good because jumbo cheesy bread exists and you can order study buddy deals from Pizza House.

21. Let's be real though, Michigan is full of legends. This pump up video will give you all the feels, especially with Bo Schembechler's "The Team" speech at the end.

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22. There are so many clubs and organizations doing the coolest stuff, proving that this campus is filled with the leaders and the best.

24. You and your fellow wolverines share a special bond from protecting the sacred M in the Diag.

Mostly because you'd rather not fail your first blue book exam.


25. The letter "M" in general just means so much to you and will for the rest of your life. Can you watch this video and not bawl your eyes out?

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26. There's nothing quite like graduating in The Big House. No matter where life takes you, you know you'll be a Michigan Wolverine for the rest of your life.

Thumbnails courtesy of Sophia Eisenberg and Sevan Misirliyan