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24 Faces That Perfectly Capture Life On Your Period

Evolution is real.

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1. When you can't hang with friends because you're cramping in bed.

Tomas Hajek / Getty Images

2. When your breasts feel extra tender.

Tanya Puntti / Getty Images

3. When you see something deep fried or covered in chocolate.

Fuse / Getty Images

4. When the drug store runs out of super maxi pads.

Albertoloyo / Getty Images

5. When your face breaks out uncontrollably.

Sfmorris / Getty Images

6. When you miss your white pants.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: pmillera4

7. When you switch to an elastic waistband and it's heavenly.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: 8749778@N06

8. When your booty call doesn't understand why you can't hang this weekend.

Junko Takahashi / Getty Images

9. When you realize sleeping comfortably just isn't an option.

Na / Getty Images

10. When you're overwhelmed by unexplainable melancholy.

Uso / Getty Images

11. When you run out of tampons and NO ONE has an extra.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: bloodlessr

12. When people don't take your feelings seriously because "it's that time of the month."

Fuse / Getty Images

13. When you take 30 seconds to acknowledge you're not pregnant.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: 101951515@N07

14. When you take extra Advil but ITS NOT KICKING IN.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: tambako

15. When you're heavily bloated and feel twice your size.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: jlundertel

16. When you stand up and feel the waterfall.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: tambako


Sodapix Sodapix / Getty Images


18. When the bathroom doesn't have a trashcan for your sanitary needs.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: jkransen

19. When you can't get to a heating pad but you need one immediately.

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

20. When it suddenly stops mid-week and you think it may be over.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: tambako

21. When it's definitely not over.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: tambako

22. When your entire body is aching and you just want a massage.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: tim_ellis

23. When you know it's the last day.

Herianus / Getty Images

24. When you remember it'll all be back in a month.

Flickr / CC / Via Flickr: photos_mweber

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