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    31 Simple Home Products From Target That'll Help You Make Some Serious Improvements

    ...Annnnnnnd now you're basically ready to have your own HGTV show.

    1. A fabric shaver that will get rid of the fuzz on your chairs and sofas (as well as your sweaters and jackets), and make them look as good as new — no shaving cream required.

    2. A glass semi-flushmount ceiling light to update your space and get rid of all those outdated lights that make it look like your entryway has time-traveled from the '80s.

    3. A Google Nest x Yale digital front door lock so you never have to worry about forgetting (or, real talk, losing) your keys again. You can also use the Nest app to securely give passcodes to your fam and friends.

    The door lock in black on natural wood door

    4. A roll of navy and gold celestial peel-and-stick wallpaper, to give any room or accent wall an out-of-this-world look that'll leave you starry eyed.

    The Celestial-patterned peel-and-stick wallpaper in navy and gold in a room

    5. A level tool, which will help you hang shelves and frames on the wall — and, perhaps more importantly, end the very predictable household arguments about whether something is hanging straight.

    6. A timelessly chic wall globe sconce that will upgrade your bedroom look...and create some more space on your nightstand for that ever-growing TBR pile.

    7. A four-piece stainless-steel bathroom hardware set to update the whole look of the space... and eliminate your roomie's excuses for the wet towels on the ground.

    8. A closet organizer with a detachable laundry basket because while you might not have the Carrie Bradshaw closet of your dreams (yet), you can still spiff things up.

    The closet organizer hanging in a closet

    9. A set of six wood repair markers to keep your furniture looking as good as new (and hide the fact that you accidentally scratched your brand-new side table).

    10. A powerful dual showerhead that will transform your wake-me-up morning shower into a spa-like experience.

    The brushed nickel dual shower head in action

    11. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which is actual household magic because it can remove stains around the house, both old and new... like the latest mural your baby Banksy put on the wall.

    A person uses a magic eraser to remove crayon from the wall

    12. A roll of cute, patterned contact paper to line the bottoms of your cabinets and drawers, keeping things slip-free in there — no more loose water bottle avalanches when you open up your cabinet.

    The gray and white trellis print contact paper in a drawer

    13. A simple metal number plate that will give your porch or mailbox that farmhouse feel, no matter where you live.

    The farmhouse-style numbers set in the mounting plate (sold separately)

    14. A set of six surprisingly sleek solar-powered stake lights, which will shine like the sun on your patio, walkway, or garden well after dark.

    15. A10-pack of soft iron drawer pulls to give your outdated bathroom a facelift, because there's nothing vain about having a vanity that looks beautiful and modern.

    A closeup of the drawer pulls on a white vanity

    16. A six pack of wireless, remote-controlled puck lights, which you can install all over the house to really shine a spotlight on your home improvement skills.

    The lights on under cabinetry, illuminating a kitchen sink

    17. An Amazon Smart Plug, so you can conveniently ask your girl Alexa to turn off the lights downstairs once you're already in bed.

    The smart plug in a switchplate

    18. A 46-piece babyproofing essentials kit, which is a real two-fer for grown-ups: you protect the house from the kiddos AND the kiddos from the house.

    19. Four sheets of peel-and-stick tile that will go on easily in your kitchen or bathroom, so upgrading your backsplash won't be a sticking point in your DIY plans.

    The backsplash, in the metro mia shade, displayed in a bathroom

    20. An expandable under-the-sink shelf, because it is the perfect Saturday project — it won't take you long to set it up and organize, but you'll bask in the glow of the accomplishment all weekend long.

    The shelf in brushed nickel underneath a sink

    21. A super practical double-sided door draft protector that is a true miracle product for those of us who need to keep the cold air out in the winter *and* in during the summer. It also works on windows!

    22. An 18-pack of renter-friendly Command picture hanging strips, so you can put art on the wall without putting a hole in the wall — or in your wallet when you have to fix it.

    23. A string of pretty outdoor LED outdoor bulbs that will help you transform your backyard into your favorite "room" of the house.

    The string of round LED bulbs lit and hung in a backyard

    24. A kitchen and bath caulk applicator so you can FINALLY get rid of that dingy, grimy caulk that just never looks clean, no matter how many cleaning products you use.

    A person demonstrating the product on shower tile

    25. A mail holder, which *delivers* on taking care of that pesky entry way clutter, and also ensures you don't always misplace your keys.

    The mail holder hangs on a green wall with letters and keys

    26. A set of 162 felt pad stickers to apply to the bottom of your chairs, so you no longer have to hear that terrible screeeeeeech every time someone gets up from the dinner table

    The felt pads in their packaging

    27. A set of Tuck Tight strips that will keep your new slipcovers exactly where they're supposed to be, so they don't slide down. They're kind of like a belt, but...for your couch.

    A person puts the Tuck Tight strips into place

    28. A farmhouse-style sofa slipcover with adjustable ties to give the couch that's literally older than you are a quick and classy glow up.

    The couch with an oatmeal-colored cover styled in a living room

    29. A skid-resistant rug pad that will keep your rugs in place, even during that time of day when the kids AND the dogs get the zoomies.

    A rug corner pulled up to display the rug pad underneath

    30. A wooden accordion hook rail, because having lots of hooks can actually help get you off the hook when it comes to easy cleanup.

    The wall hook rail with colorful scarves on it

    31. An eight-tier adjustable over-the-door wire rack that essentially doubles the space in your pantry, which is good, because your spice collection keeps mysteriously growing and growing.

    The rack attached to the inside of a linen closet door and stocked with products

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