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    Posted on Nov 16, 2012

    Dogs Wearing Sweaters

    Sometimes, a fur coat isn't enough.

    That is one fancy sweater, dog.

    A more feminine sweater

    Flickr: 11586994@N00

    For the doggie Elle Woods.

    This dog is proud to wear his sweater

    And he doesn't care who knows it.

    This dog is less proud

    Sometimes, just a sock will do

    For the dog with school spirit

    For the dog who loves to accessorize

    For the dog who appreciates the finer things

    For the dog who would like to appear more sensitive / Via http://Pinterest

    Another option

    For the dog with no self-respect / Via http://Pinterest

    None whatsoever.

    Another option

    For the dog with terrible fashion sense

    But he thinks he's stylish.

    For the dog who is smarter than you

    For the dog who wishes he were an owl

    TWIST: This dog IS a sweater

    I'll leave you with this / Via http://Pinterest
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