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    Posted on Dec 11, 2015

    13 Sushi-Themed Gifts Perfect For Anyone Obsessed With Food

    Nom nom nom.

    1. First of all, these ornaments that look good enough to eat.

    Macy's / Via

    Deck the halls with plates of sushi.

    2. And this freakin' adorable skirt that makes a bold statement.

    oxygenimpulse / Etsy / Via

    Swirl and twirl your love of the sushi.

    3. These flash drives that are so gorgeous you'll want to scream.

    Etsy / Via

    Save in style.

    4. These sashimi decorations for your ears.

    Etsy / Via

    Please don't eat my lobes.

    5. These hella comfy pillows.

    TheOstbros / Etsy / Via

    These sushi pillows won't let you down.

    6. This t-shirt that makes you go, "oh, truuuu".

    SneakyBaconTees / Etsy / Via

    Feed me and tell me I'm pretty.

    7. This bento box phone case.

    Etsy / Via

    Playing with your food 24/7.

    8. And this good looking sushi bling.

    CandiWareJewelry / Etsy / Via

    Drake knows it can only mean one thing.

    9. This tote, for when you wanna keep it casual.

    10. These ridiculously detailed, adorable earrings.

    adorkablecreations11 / Etsy / Via

    Step up your game, everyone else.

    11. This suitcase cover that'll make your bag look like a giant snack when it rolls off the plane. / Via

    And they're waterproof.

    12. This giant pillow for when you wanna lounge around. / Via

    Just relaaaaxxxxx.

    13. And these soaps that'll keep you so fresh and so clean, clean.

    DirtyAssSoap / Etsy / Via

    Wash yourself with some nigiri.

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