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    Women In Comedy That Aren’t Amy, Amy, Or Tina.

    The ratio of women in comedy has grown to an all-time high. Thanks to our foremothers like Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, and long list of proud, hilarious women - comedy has made headway towards being less of a “boys club,” and more of a… well… just a club! An all-inclusive club. With the number of women in comedy growing, the number of “Women in comedy” articles has exploded. Yet every “Women you should be watching” article typically features women already on TV. Women who you’re already watching, every morning, noon, and night — ok, I now see the problem with the “Women you should be watching” article title. It sounds like someone’s telling us to watch them through their window, from a tree across the street. My point is - what about the women who are still in the trenches, taking comedy to new extremes on their own? Here are some women you SHOULD be watching. (Just not from their neighbor’s tree, while eating their hair clippings.)

    Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting

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    Katie Hartman and Leah Rudick are the hilarious women that make up the sketch group “Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.” The duo has performed in numerous comedy festivals in New York. In 2014, Hartman and Rudick made the jump from sketches to a web series, in the form of “Made To Order.” In addition to writing the show, the duo stars as two sisters that start an underground, off-the-grid, super-secret food delivery service. With every episode come a new slew of hijinks that only lead to comedic gold from Hartman and Rudick.

    Eudora Peterson

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    Remember when the Bic came out with a pen made just for women? If you identify as a woman than you probably do considering all the hate chicks threw at the pen company for their shady insinuations. Comedian Eudora Peterson, however, would like to remind everyone of all the good that could come with such a product. Check out her take on the argument in “Bic for Her ballpoint pens are pens for women. “

    Janelle James

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    Janelle James has solidified herself as a staple of New York comedy. She performs stand-up, writes sketches, and recently broke into the web series game. In this one video, entitled “The Smile Bitch Training Camp,” James tackles another staple of New York City: gross, gross, super gross cat-callers.

    Check out her work at

    Amber Nelson

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    Girl. Is. Busy. Amber Nelson is one of the most sought after character actors at the moment in the NYC comedy scene. Seriously. You can’t go to a character-show in New York City without seeing one of Nelson’s personas. Amber is legend. In addition to experience at UCB , Comedy Central and the New York Television Festival, Nelson continually is a member of the sketch comedy troupe Murderfist, and a frequent contributor to the “I Friends And My” comedy network. Watch her as her character evolves and devolves throughout “You Look Familiar.”

    Buzz Off, Lucille

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    The collective talents of Abby Holland, Molly Gaebe, Jenn Roman, and Julie Rosing are what make up the all-female comedy group Buzz Off, Lucille. Currently, the group performs sketches at the UCB Theatre in NYC, The Peoples Improv Theater, and have even toured to UCB Los Angeles. These women also make hilarious videos on the web. Take a look at their writing and acting skills in this IFM collaboration called, “Hate Actually.”

    Jackie Zebrowski

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    As Brenda in the comedy web series “Rare Birds of Fashion,” Jackie Zebrowski shines as a funny, stylish woman trying to push plus-size fashion into the main stream world. Many women can relate to the struggles of being rejected from the limited sizes, defined as “standard” in fashion. Zebrowski boldly takes the issue head on with a few laughs along the way. Watch the premiere episode of the series and you’ll understand why Zebrowski is the only role model anyone would ever need.

    Alison Rich

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    With writing credits at SNL, Billy on the Street and Best Week Ever, Alison Rich is a rising star on the comedy scene. Before all that, though, Rich started out by writing/producing/performing in her own works.

    In her solo web series “The Body Is Disgusting,” Rich stars as Dr. Frangela Todd and dedicates each episode to a different but equally gross piece of human anatomy. This one woman series is one to watch.

    It’s A Guy Thing

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    It’s a man’s world and we’re just living in it, but what happens when you try and be one of the boys? Mitra Jouhari along with Catherine Cohen find out in “It’s A Guy Thing: Research.” From shot gunning beers to scarfing down pizza while exercising, the girls find out what it’s like to be a dude. When she’s not doing videos, Jouhari also performs in the comedy trio Three Busy Deborahs with Sandy Honig and Alyssa Stonoha. With experience at UCB, Cohen is also a rising comedic talent and has performed with Boy Girl Boy Girl Comedy as well as many stand-up performances, all over New York City. I’d highly suggest checking out Miss Cohen’s “Character Reels.”

    Berry Sanders

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    Ugly baby got you down? Well look no further than “Baby Sexy Cool” to fix your gross looking kid into looking fabulous! Lisa Berry and Laura Sanders star as a stylish duo in this video that is just trying to jump start their totally, completely, 100% sincere business. Also known as “Berry Sanders,” formerly known as “Pickle Talk,” the two women have performed live sketch comedy for years, and made videos through the “I Friends And My” comedy network.

    Katherine Pinter is a member of the social media team at the "I Friends And My" Comedy Network. Check out IFM's content on YouTube.

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