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17 Jobs People Are Tired Of Being Asked To Do For Free

Sorry, I will not be watching your children without getting paid.

Recently, Reddit user u/Pibs693 asked people to share something they get asked to do for free because other people assume it's easy. The responses were fascinating, as people from a wide array of occupations came out of the woodwork to voice their frustrations.

Here are some tasks and jobs people frequently get asked to perform without pay:

1. Babysitting

2. Knitting

3. Car Repairs

4. Internet Installation

5. Hemming/Sewing

6. Medical Advice

7. Editing Papers

8. Tech Support

9. Photography

10. Drawing

11. Website Design

12. Cooking

13. Live Event Production

14. Therapy

15. DJ'ing

16. Hair Cutting

17. Taxes

Let us know about any tasks you're tired of getting asked to do for free in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.