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    16 People Shared The Thing They Can't Get Rid Of From Their Ex

    Not even Marie Kondo can help these people...

    Recently TikTok user @nikhagen asked his followers, "What's that one thing your ex gave you that you can't quite get rid of?"

    Nik's example of a gift from an ex was a mug, but people interpreted his question in a multitude of ways.

    TikTok / @nikhagen / Via

    From physical objects to pets to lingering emotional turmoil, here are the "gifts" people can't seem to get rid of from their exes:

    1. “When I was 18 I got a cat from my high school girlfriend. I’m 32 now. She’s gonna live forever!”

    TikTok / @spookygrandpa / Via

    2. *Points at pregnant stomach.*

    TikTok / @royalcapri / Via

    3. "She got me this stick on rolly ball thing. It’s pretty cool you can just stick it on the wall and rub up against it like a bear and work out the kinks in your back."

    TikTok / @anti.pants / Via

    "She got it for me because she knew in about two weeks I wouldn’t have anyone to rub my back for me anymore.”


    4. “She gave me her mom’s ashes and moved to NYC.”

    5. "Bella Thorne and I have matching tattoos that say 'young as fuck' and I decided that the best placement for mine was of course on my ass.”

    @tanamongeaulol / Via

    6. “Three stab wounds. One through my left forearm (knife), one the entire length of my thumb (knife), and one through my back (screwdriver)… do I win?”

    7. “His wife.”

    TikTok / @thecloudedfox / Via

    8. "It would have to be HIV. I was gonna say depression or anxiety, but no, it’s the HIV."

    USA / Via

    9. “Who would get rid of an Apple Watch? Just saying. And I filled it with pictures of my husband so…thanks!”

    TikTok / @shortylikehey / Via

    10. “Trauma. Definitely trauma.”

    Comedy Central / Via

    11. “The whole Harry Potter series.”

    TikTok / @saturnsblues / Via

    12. “The constant feeling that I’ll never truly be loved." / Via

    "No matter how much reassurance, no matter how much I see, I will never think that I deserve love or that I’m truly loved.”


    13. "The one thing I really can’t get rid of is HER. She lives across the fucking road from me.”

    Disney / Via

    “Well, she actually gave me nothing except for debt and an empty bank."


    14. A music box that plays "You Are My Sunshine."

    TikTok / @kittiechaan / Via

    "And no it does not remind me of that person. Besides, my boyfriend knows about this.”


    15. “Texting anxiety. Because of my previous relationships, whenever somebody texts me I text them back as if we’re never going to speak again just to save myself.”

    16. "Um, kids. They’re 18 and 21. They’re cool, though. I guess I’ll keep them."

    NBCUniversal / Via

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