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    17 People Share Their College Major Vs Their Current Job, Proving Life Takes Some Wild Turns

    Sometimes your college major can be a major disappointment.

    In the United States, 43.2 million students share an average student loan debt of $39,351, but are these students even finding work in their industries after college?

    To investigate, TikTok user @blackkout___ asked his followers to share their college majors and what job they're currently working.

    TikTok / @blackout___ / Via

    "In college, I was a communications major and now I'm depressed."


    1. “I was a double major. I majored in History and I majored in Kinesiology. I wanted to be a professor. Now I work at a Chipotle where I get in trouble for smacking bean bags and then I work at a Krispy Kreme where I get called 'donut boy' by adults.”

    TikTok / @jordan_the_stallion8 / Via

    2. “I majored in Electrical Engineering and now I am an Electrical Engineer. Y’all really hate on STEM majors until we all have jobs!”

    TikTok / @type2fun / Via

    3. “I did my bachelor's in general arts with a minor in Philosophy, I have my paralegal license from the Law Society of Ontario, and I did my master's in Public Policy with a focus in Law. I currently tell people not to murder each other on the internet, and sell weasel-themed merchandise."

    TikTok / @marcusterritory / Via

    "My mother is so proud of me.”


    4. “So I’m graduating next may with my bachelor's in Childhood Education, but I make self defense keychains and this is going to be my full-time job when I graduate.”

    TikTok / @sicuracreations / Via

    5. "I studied Psychology in the hopes of helping crazy people. Now I sit in a forest playing music on a UFO, talking to people who don’t exist. And I realize I’m the crazy one.”

    6. “I double majored in Criminal Justice and Sociology with a minor in psychology. And I’m now a middle school math teacher.”

    TikTok / @marye130 / Via

    7. “Well I dropped out of college, but while I was there I majored in Mechanical Engineering and had a double minor in physics and computer design and manufacturing. And now I get paid to be an idiot on the internet.”

    TikTok / @ben_brainard / Via

    8. “In college I majored in Anthropology, Archeology, and got a minor in history. I was a published archeologist by age 21 and I made Dean’s list every single semester. Now, two years later, my nickname is 'dumb bitch' at a restaurant and I get reprimanded constantly by the people around me for being stupid.”

    TikTok / @emily.rhein / Via

    9. “I was a Special Ed major in college. And now I’m a career planner in the Marine Corp, so I’m using my education to the FULLEST extent."

    TikTok / @treymcalister / Via

    10. “Believe it or not, I got a degree in Financial Management. My Asian parents told me to study about money to make a lot of money. Of course I listened to them, did everything right, but find out 10 years later I was so unhappy. So after 10 years in that blood sucking boring ash job, I quit that beesh and started a meal prep company."

    TikTok / @aebaybayy / Via

    "Now I get paid to cook delish Lao Food and host cooking parties. Moral of the story: live your dreams, bish and don’t listen to nobody. Trust yo gut and listen to yo damn self and don’t be lazy bish.”


    11. “I got my associates in General Studies, my bachelor's in Behavioral Science, my master's in Administration of Human Services, and now I’m a stripper.”

    TikTok / @imnot_thecoolmom / Via

    12. “I went to college to get a Computer Science degree to make video games. Now I educate people on autism and motivate them through public speaking."

    TikTok / @aspiepaws / Via

    "Totally a 360 of what I was going to do.”


    13. “I majored in Theater – acting. And I act like I give a fuck every single day of my goddamn life.”

    TikTok / @caytemps / Via

    14. "I got my associate's in Early Childhood Education, [then] I was a dual major in English composition and Criminal Justice, and I started my masters program in Criminology. But now I sell potato chips."

    TikTok / @pooh19141 / Via

    15. “In college I spent most of my time avoiding my studies learning to play the harmonica. Today I make my living playing the harmonica and the grandmother of the harmonica.”

    TikTok / @banakula / Via

    16. “I majored in Psychology and now I go to therapy.”

    TikTok / @big_pem_69 / Via

    17. “I originally went to my local community college and got my associate's degree in Liberal Arts. Then I transferred to Temple University on full academic scholarship and got my Journalism degree. Ultimately, I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Statistics...And now I sell compromising videos and photos of myself online and tell people how to fuck."

    TikTok / @definatelynotchippy / Via

    "And why do I do this you may ask? Because I make more money that way than I do with all those degrees. In all seriousness though stay in school."


    Responses have been edited for length/clarity.

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