26 Times Theo Huxtable Proved He Could Totally Get It

A meditation on Cosby Show fashions.

1. When he wore this layered look.

Unclear as to what is going on with Denise’s sleeves.

2. And this layered look.

3. When he wore a short-sleeve sweatshirt and Pumas.

4. That time this graphic hoodless sweatshirt graced his body.

Cosby Sweater Lite.

5. Back at it with the hoodless pullover.

6. And again.



The back dragon detail.

8. Every time he did the graphic sweatshirt thing.

The quilted bottom.

11. Time.

NBC / Via

*His acutely angled hair*

12. When he dared to wear overalls.

Enjoying cereal while laughing at how you didn’t dare to wear overalls.


And lime polyester turtlenecks with contrast sleeves.

13. When he owned this varsity jacket.

14. And this pinned-out denim jacket.

15. And whatever this is.

16. When he rocked this cardigan and abstract geo tee.

King of outerwear.

17. Every time he wore stripes.

Tunic-length stripes, mind you.

18. The single stripe.

19. When he wore this color-blocked rugby shirt.

20. When he cleaned up nicely.

Slim-fit suit and clashing square-bottom tie tho.

21. When he reigned supreme over chunky knits.

Loafers, what a class act.

22. Chunky knits.

NBC / Via

23. That time he got his ear pierced.

I’m sure Cliff did not approve.

24. When his jeans were acid-washed.

Feat. minimalistic applique.

25. The earth tones.

26. And finally, when he wore manveralls again because he’s Theo Huxtable and he can.

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