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39 Feelings Everyone Has During The First Week Of College

You're off to great places! Today is your day! Dreading all the icebreakers you'll play.

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6. But these feelings quickly evaporate when you try to finish packing.

Because everything you own DOES NOT in fact fit into that ONE box to the left.

9. Finally, you get to school, where your parents think they're WHISPERING when they're talking about people in the near vicinity, but they're actually speaking at an AUDIBLY DISCERNIBLE volume.

"Who's that boy next door? Why don't you go talk to him? He's cute."

*said through megaphone*


11. You have stock conversations/phrases that you use on absolutely every person you meet:

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"Hi I'm Katherine, what's your name? Cool, where are you from? I'm from Long Island, home of Long Island iced teas and Billy Joel, haha!"

*recycles unfunny joke 500 times*



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