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Aug 27, 2014

23 Dorm Essentials You Might Not Have Thought To Pack

Baby got pack.

1. A steamer.

Because no college student should be trusted wielding a hot iron. Steamers are more convenient and easier to store than an iron and an ironing board.

2. Your own trash can that CLOSES.

Even though dorm rooms usually have cans in them already, most of the time they are open bins, which means your trash will be out and exposed. Get a step bin to eliminate odor and to avoid pests.

3. A drying rack.

Because the dryers at school won't actually dry your clothes.

4. A standup hamper that is also a bag.

This way, instead of dragging your hamper to the laundry room and destroying/ripping it, you can carry your (2 months worth of) laundry.

5. A multipurpose bottle opener.

lol for root beer and sparkling cider.

6. Safety pins.

(Assorted size) safety pins will save you from many a wardrobe disaster.

7. A baking pan.

For when you want to heat up a slice of pizza or make brownies. Don't forget mits or you will burn off your hands.

8. An extra set of sheets.

Your laundry situation will get desperate.

9. An electric tea kettle.

For tea, for making coffee with a french press, and even for Ramen.

10. A bed bug mattress protector.

Self-explanatory why you need this.

11. Book ends.

Seems trivial but this is REAL because it is ANNOYING AF when your books slide and fall on your bookcase.

12. A power adapter.

Because you have laptops and phones and speakers and lights and a lot of other electronics. Also, ten times out of ten, the outlets in your room will be in very inconvenient places.

13. Batteries.

ESPECIALLY a 9V for when your carbon monoxide alarm (inevitably) dies at 3 am and wants to communicate this to you by going off until you feed it batteries.

14. A cushion for your uncomfortable desk chair.

For your back, for you butt.

15. Chip clips.

Preserve that bag of kettle corn like it's your job.

16. Earplugs.

For when your very gracious neighbors decide to blast very pleasant EDM.

17. Adhesive hooks and nails.

Hang your towels, hang your pics.

18. A catch-all dish.

Throw your jewelry, keys, coins, etc.

*and it will catch them*

19. A good, durable backpack.

JanSport / Via

Never too old for a JanSport.

20. Some form of alternate lighting.

Because no one should be subject to florescent lighting.

21. A doormat.

So you don't drag in dirt and other college detritus.

22. Quarters.


Don't be that guy who goes door to door asking for change for a twenty.

and probably the single most important item on this list:


How To Do Your Laundry: buy more underwear.

Happy packing!!

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