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    21 Emergency Makeshift Beauty And Wardrobe Hacks

    Zipper stuck? You're in luck.

    1. Forgot your chapstick?


    3. Hole or rip in your clothing?

    4. Feel yourself sweating through your shirt?

    5. No lint roller?

    6. Or...

    7. Deodorant marks?

    8. Frizzy hair or flyaways?

    9. Or...

    10. Zit that you need to get rid of?

    11. Greasy hair?

    12. No floss?

    13. Or you can...

    14. Broken sandal?

    Like so:

    15. Zipper that won't zip?

    16. Or just...

    17. Don't have a hair elastic?

    18. Or those plastic bread tabs can be of use again.

    19. Oily face?

    20. Or blot with these magical oil-absorbing wonders.

    21. And if all else fails, just use duct tape.

    Because duct tape fixes everything.


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