18 Times "Long Hair Don't Care" Was About Your Body Hair

    Hairy hotter.

    1. Shaving is pointless.

    2. All of the time you save from not shaving, you can spend criticizing the gender norms that say you should shave.

    3. Men don't have to shave their legs or armpits.

    4. NO BODY HAS TO.

    5. Commercials like this are wrongly perpetuating the idea that you are a "lesser" woman because you don't shave.

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    6. Of course you can shave if you want to and it's not wrong if you want to.

    7. But you shouldn't feel like you have to, or feel any less beautiful because you don't shave or forgot to.

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    8. YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Everyone has those straggly little strands on their nips.

    9. Taking this as a compliment.

    10. Conditioner, my friend.

    11. Never lose sight of how precious your wispy toe hairs are.

    12. No need to keep your O'Keeffe kempt.

    13. And honestly, same goes for male nether regions: let your eggplant emoji hair down.

    14. Go to that party and dazzle the hell out of everyone there with your luscious legs.

    15. Take that beach jumpy picture like it's the last beach jumpy picture you'll ever take.

    16. Don't be afraid to grab that upper subway bar.

    17. Go for that top shelf hummus brand with confidence.

    18. Reach for the stars.