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5 Ways To Get Charlie Hebdo Around The World

Do you want your copy of one of the million copies being made for the next issue of Charlie Hebdo?

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1. International Distribution

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Charlie Hebdo does have an international distribution setup. Before trying to get it online, look to your local newsagent, see if it has an international section and carries Charlie Hebdo. Here are those in various cities:

International Newsagents in Edinburgh

Gazette Newsagency in Melbourne

Good News in London

Centerfold International News in Los Angeles

Some Easons stores in Ireland

2. Airport Newsagents


Your airport newsagents may have some as well. Remember that Charlie Hebdo is printed on Wednesdays. Given transportation time, your local stores would probably have some by Thursday evening/Saturday morning, especially outside of Europe.

5. Volunteers on Reddit

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/r/France mods call for volunteers to buy copies locally and ship them abroad for Redditors who don't have access to the options above. There are pledges in individual threads, so if these could be repeated and listed here, that would help boost efforts tremendously.

Right now, we have:




/u/enterence (India & Malaysia)








Support Charlie Hebdo and the Families of the Victims


Don't forget to help support the families of the victims and the magazine itself. Leetchi is a website accepting donations that go to ensure the sustainability of the newspaper and help families of the victims. Also Caisse de Dépôt is accepting donations to rebuild Charlie Hebdo's magazine.

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