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This Female Redditor Taught Her Boss About Healthy Body Image

In the fight to increase body positivity, one Redditor schools her boss!

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The Dilemma


A couple days ago, a female redditor wrote in to one of the female-centric communities asking for advice. "How," she asked "might she tell the male designer at her company that his bikini model illustration was promoting unrealistic beauty standards?"

The Reddit Update


A couple days later, the same redditor posted an update informing the community that she had successfully convinced the male designer to re-work the illustration to more accurately reflect the average female figure. She admits that it's not perfect (and there are still plenty of stylistic elements to it that are unachievable for many women), but the final version is noticeably curvier.

And People Had PLENTY to Say About the Changes...


Redditor u/Insert_non_sequitor said: "the waist on the mock up is ridiculous" and approved the updated curvy version of the model.

Of Course, Not Everyone Could be Nice About It


User u/mguzmann said: "the original was better"

The Happy Ending


Overall, this was a simple design tweak that made the end result less damaging to anyone who suffers from low self-esteem.

It's also worth noting that the company was marketing to female swimsuit shoppers, so it makes better business sense to feature a sexy, curvy, model that reflects the average shopper. The updated version more powerfully signals that women of all shapes and sizes are invited to check out their products.

The Redditor who convinced her boss to update the drawing not only taught him a lesson in body positivity, she may have had an impact on the company's overall marketing success too. Perhaps that will be the next update to this body acceptance saga!

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