A Day In The Life Of Someone Who Works From Home

Working from home is awesome, yes, but there are certain personal and professional challenges that are specific to the remote worker. Those of you fortunate enough to (allegedly) contribute to society without ever leaving your house can probably relate to these situations.

1. Your alarm goes off and it’s like:

2. Ugh getting out of bed sucks, but that’s okay because now it’s time for the very best part of the morning:

3. Bathroom destroyed? What do YOU think?

4. Next, it’s time to hit the gym:

5. Ok fine. No workout today. What’s for breakfast?

6. Why, just EVERYTHING IN YOUR KITCHEN, of course.

7. Alright. It’s 11 am. No more distractions and idle musings. Time for work!

8. Your boss gives you a call “just to check in”, but wow pretending to be a productive employee for a whole 13 minutes is exhausting.

9. Funny you never noticed before, but that tree outside your window is surprisingly phallic…

10. Oh shit. Call with client.

11. No more dicking around. It’s 4 pm. Time to get shit done.

12. Or at the very least TRY to get shit done.

13. The clock strikes 5, the day was long, and you are surrriously in need of a hug:

14. But let’s be honest, another day without getting fired…

15. The working world is rough.

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