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If Famous Authors Used Like You Do

Here's what famous book titles would sound like if you wrote them in high school.

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1. To Deliberately Annihilate a Feathered Creature

Harper Collins / Via

2. Decamped With the Chinook Gales

Scribner Book Company / Via

3. The Personal Moniker of the Fuchsia Blossom

Harvest Books / Via

4. The Large Carnivorous Feline, the Female Necromancer, and the Apparel Closet

HarperCollins / Via

5. Feelings of Self-Satisfaction and Unwarranted Bias

Penguin / Via

6. The Proprietor of the Circular Finger Enclosures

Mariner Books / Via

7. Cardiac Muscle of Cimmerian Shade

Penguin / Via

8. Simulacrum of a Female Gentleman

Penguin / Via

9. The Pre-Dehydration Raisins of Indignation

Penguin / Via

10. The Octogenarian Male and the Briny Deep

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