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20 Things That Will Remind You Of Primary School.

Remember the good old primary school days? The only thing you had to worry about was handing in your lunch order on time and making sure you remembered your times tables... ah the simple life.

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1. No Hat, no play.


So annoying when you left your hat at home and then had to quietly sit in the shade while your friends were having the time of their lives in the sun. Did anyone else chew the end of the hats cord? Started to smell funny after a while.

9. Student of the week awards.


Every Friday afternoon at assembly you'd wait with bated breath to see if your name would be called. Usually it wouldn't be, but every now and then it would be your turn to shine and give you the high that you need to carry on into the next week with your head held high.

13. Newsletters


These things would never leave your bag. They'd rot at the bottom with your 2-week old dried apricots. The only time they would find their way into your parents hands were if there was a photo of you in it or if it mentioned something about a pupil free day.

14. Year 6 Disco


You spent weeks preparing your outfit for this night because it just might be the the night that you have your first kiss. If not you're still keen to spend the night jammin' out to bangers like 'Mambo No. 5'.

17. Weekly lunch orders. (The Dream).


This was the one day of the week that you were allowed to have a treat for lunch, like maybe a Freddo frog or an icey-pole. The biggest privilege of all was being the person of the week that was allowed to leave class 2 minutes early to collect the lunch order basket.

18. Being the person that gets to ring the bell.


It was such an honour being able to sing the school bell and when you went to high school there was a small feeling of disappointment when you realised that their school bell was automatic, rendering your bell ringing skills obsolete.

19. Making Christmas decorations.


Making special personalised decorations is something that made every parent proud (or at least they had to pretend to be). It was always disappointing when you didn't get to have a go of the glue-gun though, that thing looked so cool!

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