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17 Signs You Are Liz Lemon

What the what?! You and 30 Rock's Liz Lemon have more in common than you think.

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17. Dating isn't your strong suit.

We've all had bad relationships or relationships that didn't end well. Although, it seems like you have had more bad break-ups than most.

16. You despise the word lovers.

Unless it's between the words meat and pizza.

15. Being around teenagers isn't your favorite.

You dread being remotely near youths.

14. Your family is constantly trying to make you happier.

As much as you tell them "you're fine," you're really not. However, you need to prove you are; so they can just back off!

13. Just like Liz, you never get credit for your hard work.

You're taken for granted by a bunch of dummies.

12. You have a best friend who is hotter than you.

Blurgh... it happens.

11. You love food more than people understand.

You get really pissed when people take your food. Like, flipping tables and shit pissed.

10. You shamelessly own a blanket with sleeves.

You eat your night cheese in it, and anyone who judges you is a jackweed.

9. Your love for wine is well- known.

You too, wish you had two livers to drink more and no heart to care less.

8. You're sexually awkward.

Maybe you're 24 and haven't lost your virginity yet... it's ok. Liz was 25 when she lost hers. But, if you lose it at 26, then you really are a nerd.

7. Angels are real!

And you high- five a million of them when you do something cool.

6. You have the perfect boyfriend!

Well, in your head you do. Don't worry, you'll find your Astronaut Mike Dexter one day!

5. You idolize Oprah.

But then again, who doesn't? She fixes everything!

4. You try to be healthy, you really do.

Sometimes your efforts just aren't good enough. Or, your job just takes all your time and energy and Cheesyblasters are the only things that relax you.

3. People criticize your clothing choices.

You don't care about high fashion or being glamorous. You care about comfort and durability. You wear almost the same thing everyday but when you do dress up, you make heads turn! You go, you fancy prostitute!

2. You roll your eyes at anything and everything that annoys you.

And you have mastered the art of eye rolling!

1. All you want is to be happy.

And you are! Your life may not be typical, but that's ok for you! You're doing what you love with people you love. Sure, they can annoy the hell out of you, but you love those goons anyway. You and Liz don't need men because you are successful, independent women who have food. How much better does it get than that?

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