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10 Sand-Free Places To Cool Off This Summer

There are plenty of places to go when the pavement is melting and the beach is too crowded and/or sandy.

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1. An Art Gallery Or Museum

Art Gallery of NSW / Via

Galleries are an often under-rated location to cool off in the summer. Enjoying culture is much more enjoyable in air-conditioning. Bonus: they tend to be free of crowds.

5. The Library

State Library Of Victoria / Via

The library is not just about books anymore; you can find CDs, DVDs, magazines and comics, attend talks, see exhibitions and use the free WiFi. Bonus: state libraries are worth visiting for the architecture alone.

8. The cinema


Going to the movies when it is hot is a no-brainer. Bonus: if you choose an indie release you will get the best seats and have to share the space with as few people as possible.

9. The Supermarket (And Liquor Store)


You can buy ice cream and other food that requires no cooking in glorious air conditioning. Bonus: you can spend time reading the labels (spend as much time as you can in the freezer aisles).

10. Your Bathtub


This option is best kept for desperately hot days when you can't possibly leave the house. Ice baths are not solely for athletes or party-booze. Bonus: You could share your bath with the booze.

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