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20 Things People Who Crush Easily Know To Be True

How YOU doing?

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1. You find an abnormal amount of people attractive.

2. Like, a ton of people.

Oh hello, random person. I think you are very cute.

3. No one is safe.

I know we're 12 years apart, Tom Hiddleston, but I don't care. I DON'T CARE

4. Because so many people tickle your fancy, you're never really out of options.

Plenty o' fish in the sea, am I right?

5. You tend to like more than one person at once, so you rank your crushes...


6. ...based on your progress with them.


7. It doesn't take much to win you over.


You like Adventure Time and your favorite color is purple? I'm yours.

8. You imagine every song and romantic movie is about you and your ~current~ boo.

Every. Single. One.

9. You find yourself having full-fledged relationships with them in your head.

Tbh, we've already gone on 50 dates.

10. You start noticing how you have a "type."

11. But every once in a while, someone new comes along and surprises you.


And you question everything you think you know.

12. Not gonna lie, you are impatient AF.


13. So you're like, "to hell with the rules!"

It's 2015. You do you.

14. You may have made a fool of yourself once or twice.

15. You occasionally berate yourself for your past judgements.

Warner Bros.

16. You might come to realize that a person you've been ignoring this whole time is actually pretty cool.


Dang, I should have liked you sooner.

17. You're so used to having a crush that life seems kind of boring without one.

I don't know what to do with all this free time now that I don't have someone to think about 24/7.

18. You don't care much for labels.

I'm not "boy crazy." I'm a hopeless romantic, thank you very much.

19. Unless that label is "Taken."

M6 Films

Yay! Someone likes me back!

20. Lastly, you enjoy crushes for all that they're worth.

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