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    10 Things That Every Budtender Hears Daily While Working In A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    The Medical Marijuana industry is one of the most controversial, yet booming emerging markets around. Working with Cannabis daily, you're sure to hear a lot of interesting things.

    10. Can I say "Bong" in here?

    Azarius Head Shop / Via

    For the longest time before Dispensaries became common place, cannabis consumers were likely to be thrown out of head-shops and smoke shops alike for using terms like "Bowl" or "Bong". Hand scrawled signs littered the walls of these facilities warning patrons that terms like "Water tobacco pipe" or "Incense burner" were the only acceptable items to ask for. Anything else and you'll end up having to resort to tin foil and apple engineering.

    9. I'm just picking this up for a friend.

    Deviant Art / Via

    STOP! We don't want to know your shady business! We are part of a huge movement to ensure that patients that utilize cannabis for medicinal purposes have access to it, and if you admit your budtender that you are illegally distributing your medicine to a non-cardholder, you will likely be banned from returning. Once we are aware of it, it is our duty to protect our patients and business, so it's best that you don't over-share your illicit intentions.

    8. What's the difference between Indica and Sativa?

    Static 1 / Via

    The age of Medical Marijuana has brought on a wave of brand new strains that have been crossbred and specifically grown to treat certain ailments. Typically, these strains are lumped into one of three major categories, "Indica, Sativa or Hybrid". Indica strains of cannabis are targeted for patients seeking pain relief, sleep aid and body effects. Sativa strains are typically felt more in the head, and are utilized in treating anxiety, depression and fatigue among other things. Hybrid strains are a blended percentage indica and sativa. Education around this can ensure that the desired effects for the patient will work as intended.

    Note: A small percentage of cannabis consumers will sometimes experience opposite effects then that of the general population, and may feel sleepy with sativa strains or wired awake with indica. It's very important to remember that everyone is different, and cannabis metabolizes with each individual person uniquely. It can help to keep a journal with doses and effects to keep yourself organized.

    7. What is CBD?

    Medical Jane / Via

    CBD (cannabidiol) is a major compound of the cannabis plant. Unlike the more commonly known compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not cause the user to experience any euphoria or "stoned" feeling. Patients utilizing CBD have reported improvement in pain relief, seizure control, muscle spasms, and cancer fighting, just to name a few. It can be consumed in high CBD rich strains of cannabis flower, taken in an oral tincture, or consumed in a capsule much like a multivitamin. Every day more and more research is being done about CBD and being published in prestigious scientific journals. It just goes to show that even the world's leading scientists are interested in learning more about this component of the Cannabis plant. Most state licensed dispensaries carry CBD products.

    6. What do I get for free?

    Dop Inc Records / Via

    Budtenders will get asked this at least 20 times a day.

    Medical cannabis patients will typically get a free first time patient gift when they visit a new dispensary. This can range anywhere from a goody bag all the way to free cannabis flower. Most patients will also get hooked up on their birthday, 4/20 (April 20th) most government holidays, as well as many ongoing specials and raffles. Besides that, it doesn't hurt to be nice to your budtender and see if they don't throw in a little extra for you. Contrary wise, if you are a jerk, your meds will be weighed out precisely what you pay for. Karma.

    5. Why are you called Budtenders?

    Green Cultured / Via

    Most Budtenders prefer to be called by our official title "Dispensary Agent". However, with the Cannabis culture comes slang and a certain type of terminology. While we do indeed tend to the "Buds", that is definitely not the extent of our job descriptions.

    4. What exactly does a "Budtender" do all day?

    tumblr / Via

    "You've got the best job in the world, you get to sit around and smoke weed all day".

    Though most of us will agree that we are working our dream job, it certainly does not consist of getting high all day. (Most state licensed dispensaries do not allow for any medicating on the premise). Dispensary Agent's are constantly training and educating themselves about how to help our patients. Our patients range from epileptic babies to elderly cancer patients and everyone in between, so it's important to constantly be continuing our education. Besides that, because we are a medical facility we spend a lot of our day sterilizing and cleaning to keep our high risk patients safe. I would say that it is very similar to the kinds of things most customer service type jobs entail, keeping people happy, keeping your work space clean and stocked and making sure you have plenty of joints rolled. Well maybe that last part isn't so common place, but it's certainly fun.

    3. Can I have a job here?

    420 Times / Via

    Another question that we are asked at least 30 times a day.

    The Medical Marijuana business is booming. With Dispensary Agent's typically making more than minimum wage, it is definitely a job that one could support themselves with. Plus, it's Cannabis. So it's no surprise that so many people would want to work in this industry. There are several websites available that will post available positions at dispensaries and grow sites. In my opinion, the best method for becoming an Dispensary Agent is to have Cannabis knowledge and a passion for helping people. If this describes you, then introduce yourself to your local Dispensary staff. Typically, no formal education is required. If you are personable and they are hiring, you may just get your chance!

    2. Blah Blah Blah Blah, Thai Sticks

    BreedBay / Via

    Without fail, Thai sticks are brought up on an almost hourly basis working at a Dispensary.

    Mostly by men in their 70s telling me that "I know you've never heard of this...."

    Smile and Nod :)

    1. "I've been smoking for 40+ years....AKA...I remember when..."

    Celeb Stoner / Via

    The number one thing Dispensary Agent's hear on a daily basis is "I remember when", or "I've been smoking for " ...people like to get nostalgic about Cannabis. A lot of dispensaries have a bigger senior citizen demographic. They share stories about when they were in the war, or when costs were so much less, or when they grew for the first time or when they smoked with Jack Herer, after picking him up hitchhiking. I relish in these tales. Each one of them is a testament to the fact that they have enjoyed a life utilizing cannabis as a natural medicine and they are still here. They are the research. They are the proof, without even realizing it.

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