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Jimmy Fallon's 17 Step Guide To Making Someone Fall In Love With You

He seduced Justin Timberlake and now you can do the same

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2. Write To Them


Everyone is always using Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat to communicate. Be romantic by always responding via standard mail! This will be especially impressive when your other half wants an immediate response to an urgent question

4. Engage In Stimulating Conversation


When getting to know someone it's important to ask questions to get an insight into their true character. Make sure your queries reflect how intelligent and thoughtful you are

7. Be Creative


Keep it interesting by recreating romantic movie scenes with your partner. Some good examples include; when Jack paints Rose in 'Titantic', the pottery spinning class in 'Ghost', or any scene from 'Gladiator'. Remember when Maximus stabbed Commodus? So hot

9. Be Intimate From Afar


Wink a little, flirt a little, blow a kiss! Do all of this from behind a partition of sorts so that they cannot touch you. Now they think you are unattainable and it makes them want you even more!

10. Be Intimate Up Close


Once they have earned the right to be near you it is on to the next stage; physical contact. And there's nothing that says "I love you" quite like a hand hug. Make sure to moisturize first!

11. Make The Mundane Seem Exciting


Like the Spice Girls once said; "Spice up your life!" Use the word sex a lot in casual conversation. For example; "Hey babe, do you want to watch some Netflix on our sex couch?" Your bae will be intrigued and may spend the entire movie wondering what you meant.

12. Use Baby Talk


There's nothing sexier than a person speaking in the voice of a baby! It transports us back to a time when we were young and curious about the world. Hop in that time machine and use your baby talk to create more babies...

13. Save Their Life


Insist that they hold your hand while crossing the road. Make sure they dry their hair before going to bed to prevent pneumonia. Never let them get onto a Malaysian Airlines plane. All of these small actions show that you care!

17. If Anything Goes Wrong Pass The Blame To Someone Else


Never take responsibility for any issues that arise in the relationship. If possible, pass the blame to someone that is not around to defend themselves such as a family member living abroad, or a world-renowned chat show host and lifestyle guru.

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