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20 Steps To Living A Secret Double Life

Trying to hide the fact that you're a teen popstar from your friends? Don't want people to know what really happened on 'The Island'? We're here to help!

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1. Keep your secret from everyone close to you

Do it for their own protection. Even when it seems as though they would actually be much safer if they knew the truth.

2. Make mistakes and learn from them

3. Enlist the help of a ragtag group of misfits

Good looking people preferred

Good looking people preferred

4. You will need: a Dumbledore-style mentor...

Someone who believes that love is more powerful than shooting laser beams out of your eyes.

5. lease one scientist and/or someone who can hack into the Pentagon (which seems surprisingly easy)...

They need to be nerdy but in an adorable way

6. ...a quirky sidekick to make hilarious and irrelevant comments...

You may have super powers but it's unlikely you will have a super good sense of humor

7. ...and a great costume designer!

Remember Edna Mode's rule: NO CAPES

8. Trust your instincts

Sometimes they may lead you into danger, other times they'll save your life. Either way you have about a 50:50 chance of dying. I'll take those odds!

9. Attempt to lead a normal life

10. Just do normal, non-super-hero activities

Point out to other people how normal you are by announcing your mundane routines

11. Fail miserably

Ok so you're not normal. But at least you can pretend to complain about your powers while actually pointing out how awesome you are! #humblebrag

12. Appreciate the little things in life

Is there anything more magical or "super" than settling down to watch hours of your favourite TV show?

13. Lie to yourself

"Once I defeat this villain I'm sure everything will calm down and I'll be able to have a normal life!" Yeah, that seems fake but ok....

14. Lie to other people

Promise to tell them the truth and then lie to them. That way they won't suspect a thing! It's for their own safety anyway. Or you just don't want to deal with them fussing over you!

15. Always be ready for a quick costume change

Be sure to check that your superhero outfit is actually underneath your office clothes before you start ripping them off...

16. Don't beat yourself up

So you got several people injured and almost killed your own true love, everyone understands that it was just an accident!

17. Beat up other people instead!

Preferably people without super powers so that you always have the upper hand

18. Find your Achilles heel

Whether it's kryptonite or very small knives. Make sure no one knows your weakness except your worst enemy

19. Consider shedding your secret identity and coming clean

Is the world ready? Maybe it's time to tell everyone!

20. When you do reveal your secret identity BE DRAMATIC!

Give them proof as they are likely to be confused and skeptical at first

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