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15 Things To Do On Rainy Days

Sitting bored at home staring at the rain lashing against the window? Well prepare for 5 minutes of entertainment!

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1. Splash Around In The Puddles

This activity has mistakenly been branded "childish" and is therefore considered off limits to adults. Defy societal norms and be the envy of all your friends and startled work colleagues. Strap on your wellies and go have some fun!

2. Pick Up A Cat

Ok, it is probably a violent, lice-infested stray but think of how adorable and quirky you will look holding it! So, it bites you and you end up getting rabies. Isn't it worth it for the great story!?

3. Explore A New City

Grab some friends, possibly the other members of your collegiate acapella group, and take a walk. This is also a great chance to get out your new best friend/fashion accessory: the pocket umbrella! Don't forget to colour co-ordinate...

4. Perform An Open Air Concert

If One Direction can do it then so can you! Don't let your inability to sing and lack of venue or financial support stop you.

5. Think About Your Bae

Your bae can be your boyfriend or just a man who passed you on a stairs once that you now follow around. There's no time like a rainy day to think about him and wonder if he can see you hiding behind these bushes...

6. Sing In The Rain

What else is there to do when the sun's in your heart and your ready for love? It's basically the next step up from shower singing. Look at you, you're evolving!

7. Dance In The Rain

You could just casually dance by yourself, or engage in a life-altering, street cred-winning, crew dance battle with a ragtag group of misfits. It's your call!

8. Go For A Jog

That jog may become a sprint that ultimately culminates in you turning into a werewolf...or it may not. Sadly, scientists have no way of predicting which humans will transition in this way during a rain jog. So, good luck!

9. Escape From Jail

If you're not already in prison don't worry, there are plenty of ways to get put away for a while. And if you're worried about not enjoying your time in a human cage then just think of how great you will feel when you've escaped! That will make it all worthwhile!

10. Kiss Someone

You might know them, then again you might not. Don't sweat the small stuff! Have you ever heard of anyone not enjoying a kiss in the rain? No! Find the nearest person and press your mouths together!

11. Hide From A Dinosaur

Naturally on a sunny day there would be no need to hide, but we all know how territorial giant prehistoric reptiles can get when they're a bit damp. Don't stop to negotiate, just run as if your life depended on it! Because it does.

12. Twirl Super Fast

This is another time when you can enlist the help of either a friend/boyfriend or just a random stranger. Make them spin you around as fast as possible. It is a particular challenge because the ground will be so slippy. Stare danger in the face!

13. Make The Peace Sign

Getting caught in the rain can make people mad. We all know how angry white western men like to start wars. Send some peace out in to the world just in case!

14. Scream Into The Abyss

With all that crashing thunder and lightning and noise going on no one will notice if you give a good holler! Fill those lungs and try not to accidentally drown while your mouth is wide open and pointed at the sky.

15. Don't Go

Maybe you were planning on taking a trip somewhere. Maybe you are just bringing some rubbish out to the bins. Perhaps you are actually very ill and have to go to the hospital. It doesn't matter. DON'T GO!

"If you're still bored after all of these activities then you only have yourself to blame!"

- Your mother

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