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    • katems

      You can’t smother your child and run to it crying every time it trips.
      The kid won’t get any sense of independence. You can’t go beat up another kid’s parents because their kid hurt your kid.
      The kid won’t know how to fight it’s own battles. You can’t freak out at teachers accusing them of not teaching because your kid isn’t doing it’s homework. You can’t take over whatever your child is doing so that it doesn’t “fail” at the task. They’ll never want to try, and will consider themselves useless. Basically you parents who judge other people because you believe your child is perfect and can do no wrong sicken me, because you’re the worst parents in my opinion. Let your kid fight once or twice, trip and fall, jump and run, talk to other kids, build things and climb things. If you don’t hang back and trust them once in a while, you’re gonna be miserable. Disclaimer: Obviously don’t let your child do things that would put them in mortal danger, but if your definition of ‘mortal danger’ is getting hit with a foam baseball bat then maybe you need to get a hobby and stop obsessing. /High horse So, #7 #11 and #22 are adorable ^_^ <3

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