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3 Wine Gadgets That Are Just Plain A-Dork-Able!

Nerdy wine goodies you'll want to show off to your friends PRONTO!

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OK so in my quest to source these wine-savers, I did come across a few things that missed the mark.

Whilst the Internet offered some weird and horrendous things, I did eventually come across some super-slick, ultra nerdy wine gadgets that you'll want to get your fine self immediately.

1. The Corkcicle:

Do away with bulky ice buckets and embrace a new life with the Corkcicle! Ok yes it looks phallic and is quite suggestive when inserting it into the bottle BUT this little baby is totally practical. Not only does it work for whites and reds, it chills the wine from inside the bottle (sneaky devil). What does this mean? You can look forward to enjoying a chilled Chardonnay even sooner! De-lish!

2. The Wine Thermometer:

Have you always wanted your wine to have more of a sporty look? Well your wish is my command with the Wine Thermometer. This nifty little cuff slips around the waist of the bottle, giving you an accurate temperature reading within minutes. It also means that you don't need to open the bottle to check the temperature (in some cases this means checking to see if you're ruining it). Somebody's thinking.

3. The Air Cork:

Ugly? Yes. Practical? Absolutely! Ever wanted to have just one glass and call it a night? Me neither BUT if I did, this incredibly fugly thing would come in handy. Wine goes bad because oxygen gets into the bottle and messes around in there. The air cork is basically a balloon that you insert into the bottle. By manually pumping the ever so pretty bunch of grapes, you expand the balloon, creating an air-tight seal.

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