14 Easiest Ways To Earn Boy Scout Merit Badges

Boy Scouts work hard for their merit badges, but some of the badges can be a little confusing to understand. The following are all real merit badges Boy Scouts can earn and the “real” ways to earn them.

1. Bugling Merit Badge

You definitely earn this merit badge by putting bugles on your fingers and adding an evil laugh.

2. Fingerprinting Merit Badge

Gotta get arrested for this merit badge so you can get your fingerprints taken.

3. Crime Prevention Merit Badge

Guess that means you have to become a vigilante to stop yourself from getting arrested again.

4. Archery Merit Badge

And it’s likely you won’t have to kill anyone for this badge, but maybe Katniss herself will award it to you.

5. Horsemanship Merit Badge

Easy enough: all you have to do is travel to Narnia.

6. Aviation Merit Badge

As kids, we all thought we could fly. Maybe you just have to believe to get this badge.

7. Family Life Merit Badge

Watch every episode of Family Guy. Plus, you already experience a good family life since you’re part of such an accepting and tolerant group, Boy Scouts.

8. Drafting Merit Badge

Like fantasy football? Sold.

9. Bird Study Merit Badge

Give a couple people the bird to obtain this merit badge. We all know a few Boy Scouts who deserve to get it.

10. Electronic Merit Badge

You most likely qualify for this one already.

11. Whitewater Merit Badge

You probably just have to watch a white guy drink water to get this one. Not all merit badges have to be difficult.

12. Space Exploration Merit Badge

Space, the final frontier. Hopefully you get to join the Star Trek Fleet to explore new worlds, to seek out new life and civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

13. Signaling Merit Badge

You just have to play KEMPS (kent), the most awesome camp card game, and become an expert at signaling your partner.

14. Pulp and Paper Merit Badge

It should be as easy as waking up and enjoying a glass of orange juice while reading the paper.

And there you have it, folks: the easiest ways to earn those pesky Boy Scout merit badges.

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