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22 Things That Happen On A Night Out

Just a list of the things that tend to happen on a drunken night out.

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1. Somebody will turn up to pre-drinks already drunk

2. The taxi driver will hate his life that night

3. Someone will enter the club like this

4. At least one person will be in the toilets throwing up before 12

5. Drunk dancing will happen

6. Someone will fall over at least once

7. Shots will happen

8. You'll pose for a couple of photos and will think you look great.... until the next morning when you see them back

9. You'll realize how drunk you are when you're sat on the toilet

10. Somebody WILL end up crying that night

11. Someone will deny that there drunk at all

12. A drunken fight will PROBABLY happen

13. Drunk dialing will happen

14. Everyone will start reminiscing on how little they've achieved in their life

15. For the majority of the night you'll end up running away from weirdos

16. You'll forever be re applying your make up and will think you look great....

17. You'll start randomly screaming with your group of friends when certain songs come on

18. Someone will lose their phone or purse during the night

19. Someone will refuse to leave even though the clubs closing

20. Trying to get that one friend home who can no longer walk

21. It's the end of the night and you only have one thing on your mind... FOOD

22. Then finally you'll be waiting for what feels like forever for your food

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