26 Reasons “That’s So Raven” Was The Best Show On Television


1. Hearing the theme song let you know that things were about to get good.

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Go Ray!

2. She was psychic, which is basically the coolest thing in the world.

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3. Two words: the disguises.


They never worked. Ever.

4. Every character had a catchphrase, and they were all perfect.

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Honorable mentions: “Oh snap!”, “Holla!”, “Here comes the pain”, “Mama like!”

5. She may have messed up once or twice (or basically every show in the series)

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6. But there was always a lesson learned in the end.

7. She always knew the right thing to say.


8. Raven was the hero of clumsy people everywhere.

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9. Her best friends were OFF THE HOOK.

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10. And the other random characters were top notch.

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Like her next door neighbor Sierra, who basically stalks Raven.


Or Alana and Bianca, who kinda sucked as people but obviously had great taste in sleepover food.

11. The show actually spoke out about REAL problems.

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Including smoking/drugs, body image, stealing and racism.

12. And gave us valuable words of wisdom.

13. They just GOT you.


14. We all wanted to be as fashion-savvy as Raven.

And if you say you didn’t, you’re lying.

15. The writing was genius.


16. It taught us to be confident…

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even if our dance moves are subpar at best

17. Humble

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18. Loyal


19. And, above all, fabulous.

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20. We all wanted a little brother like Cory.

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And even though they didn’t always get along

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Which was SO your life if you had siblings.

They still loved each other in the end.

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21. Boyz N Motion.


Admit it, you sang that for years.

22. This show gave us two of the best TV parents.

23. The show had its crazy moments, but still managed to stay funny.


Like when Raven accidentally gets her dad fired and pretends to be Liz Anya to get his job back.

This has been my ringtone for years.

Or when Chelsea and Raven weren’t invited to a party, so Raven cast a spell that eventually turned them both into talking cows.

Comedic gold.

And also, this happened.

Disney / Via youtube.com

24. The show introduced us to people with different backgrounds.

Disney / Via imgur.com

25. And was so totally relevant to the times.

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

26. And finally, even though we’re all growing up, this show will never not be funny.

Disney / Via mebedemi.tumblr.com

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