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    19 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Columbus, Ohio

    Can I get an O-H?

    1. Columbus is gigantic.

    2. You will fall in love with the Short North

    3. The food scene in Columbus is magical.

    4. You will find the perfect festival for you.

    5. Columbus is smart.

    6. The nightlife won't disappoint...

    7. ... but we are also a family friendly city.

    8. We have a German Village.. and it is everything you could ever want and more.

    9. The arts are alive and well in Columbus.

    10. The Columbus Zoo.

    11. We like sports, and we don't care who knows.

    12. There are books EVERYWHERE.

    13. There is a very prominent LGBT community.

    14. We have the ice cream you dream about.

    15. We get some fantastic shows and concerts.

    16. Columbus has the prettiest parks.

    17. Columbus is home to a lot of big companies.

    18. We have some pretty great colleges.

    19. We are an incredibly friendly city.