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    13 Signs You Are Actually Crazy Steve From "Drake And Josh"

    You don't know him? Your loss!

    1. He supports others, even when no one else does.

    2. He is always willing to give constructive criticism for the good of the team.

    3. He is all about communicating effectively and clearly.

    4. He expects everyone to respect the extent of his abilities.

    5. He always makes an extra effort to understand anything he puts his mind to.

    6. He knows exactly what he wants, and he has no problem overcoming obstacles when chasing his dreams.

    7. He understands the importance of self-acceptance.

    8. He has a healthy appreciation for good food.

    9. He is honest with his emotions and isn't afraid to admit his flaws.

    10. He is always the life of the party.

    11. He isn't afraid to demand the respect and attention of others.

    12. His strength and powerful stature is an inspiration.

    13. And he is pretty much the best character on the show.