13 Signs You Are Actually Crazy Steve From “Drake And Josh”

You don’t know him? Your loss!

1. He supports others, even when no one else does.

Nickelodeon / Via nickelodeonkids.tumblr.com

2. He is always willing to give constructive criticism for the good of the team.

Nickelodeon / Via knowyourmeme.com

3. He is all about communicating effectively and clearly.

Nickelodeon / Via knowyourmeme.com

4. He expects everyone to respect the extent of his abilities.

Nickelodeon / Via funnyjunk.com

5. He always makes an extra effort to understand anything he puts his mind to.

Nickelodeon / Via jannika.livejournal.com

6. He knows exactly what he wants, and he has no problem overcoming obstacles when chasing his dreams.

Nickelodeon / Via wifflegif.com

Especially if that dream is a delicious enchilada.

7. He understands the importance of self-acceptance.

Nickelodeon / Via knowyourmeme.com

8. He has a healthy appreciation for good food.

Nickelodeon / Via itsspherical.tumblr.com

9. He is honest with his emotions and isn’t afraid to admit his flaws.

Nickelodeon / Via rebloggy.com

10. He is always the life of the party.


11. He isn’t afraid to demand the respect and attention of others.

Nickelodeon / Via jannika.livejournal.com

12. His strength and powerful stature is an inspiration.

13. And he is pretty much the best character on the show.

Nickelodeon / Via gifboom.com


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