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    What It's Like To Be In Unrequited Love

    At least there's food.

    So, you have been pining for someone who doesn't like you back...

    You're 98% sure that they don't feel the same way.

    But that doesn't stop you from thinking about them all day.

    Or spending most of your time analyzing someone you don't even talk to that much.

    Or thinking every song is about them.

    Some of your friends are supportive...

    But some are brutally honest.

    And they all make this face when you bring him/her up:

    Everybody refers to your feelings as "that thing".

    But you still love them anyway.

    Even if you also hate them.

    So, you're resigned to torture yourself.

    You can't sleep.

    You're not hungry.

    Except when you are.

    And then that's all you can think about.


    And everything seems fine again...

    Until they text you.

    You tell your friends that you're pissed they contacted you.

    But in your head:

    Really, you're okay with it.

    Until you don't get a reply. For weeks.

    And you're back here again:

    You've scanned their Facebook to try to figure out who they're dating.

    You've cried in public just thinking about them. Once.

    Or twice.

    You start questioning where you went wrong.

    And all of your major life decisions.

    The meaning of Love.

    Maybe even the universe.

    Until you hit a wall.

    You take an inventory of everything you actually have.

    Great friends.

    A cool job.

    And this:

    You realize...

    You're sooo over them.

    But that's probably just because you have a new crush.