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19 Secrets Charity Fundraisers Will Never Tell You

It's like working in a call centre, but everyone hates you to your face.

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1. We know all the super depressing statistics and sometimes quote them around our friends.

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2. We can recite our charity pitch, word-for-word, on command. Not that anyone ever asks us to.

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We say the same damn thing about 60 times a day, every day, for months.

3. Our energy drink intake can be disturbingly high.

Because walking around for seven hours straight makes you SO TIRED.

4. We have experienced so many weird reactions to casual questions.

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It's not unheard of to have people slamming the door in your face or chasing you out of their garden with a rake.

5. Because people can have a secret dark side when it comes to saying no to charity.

You don't have to swear at us 😔
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You don't have to swear at us 😔

6. We're always quite proud when we come up with a new variation of the pitch, like an amazing joke.

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Although we eventually get tired of the joke.

7. If it’s cold, wet, or we’re having a really bad day, we really hope for someone to invite us inside for a cup of tea.

8. … But we also have a ready-to-go excuse for anyone that invites us inside when we really, really don’t want to.

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Maybe it's the angry-looking dog lurking behind them, or maybe it's the fact that none of their lights are switched on and they've answered the door in nothing but their underwear.

9. There’s always that one guy who seems to get way more sign-ups than everyone else.

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We don’t trust him.

10. Realising how a tiny bit of politeness can make someone’s day has made us infinitely kinder ourselves.

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11. We often judge people on everything – their houses, their clothes, their response to us – because it’s the only fun we get to have all day.

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It's like an episode of Cribs but we're the only one invited.

12. And it's generally true that the richer the person, the more unfriendly that person will be towards us.


13. Deep down, most of us hate bothering you.

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14. We’ve perfected the art of asking to use a complete stranger’s bathroom.


15. … But we try to save the bathroom question for the houses that we really want to see the inside of.

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16. We know all the secret excuses that people can’t say no to.

“Rejection handling” is a thing, and most fundraisers are taught to only take no for an answer on the third time.
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“Rejection handling” is a thing, and most fundraisers are taught to only take no for an answer on the third time.

17. There’s an office we call every time we get a sign-up.

"Sharon! Hey! Guess what! I did it again!"
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"Sharon! Hey! Guess what! I did it again!"

18. We might start off super shy, but by the time we’ve talked to hundreds of people we sort of just forget to be shy.


19. The days are long, the people are mean, and the work is hard – so that one person that takes time out to be kind to us makes all the difference.

Note: This post is based on one person’s experiences.