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11 Amazingly Ridiculous Things That Happen In Most K-Dramas

Korean dramas are addicting and complete soap operas at times. Here are some of the most ridiculous plot tropes in the K-Drama scene.

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1. Rich Boy Falls For the Poor Girl


The original drama love story; the rich boy falls for a tragically poor girl who he must save from her sad life. Even though she seemed perfectly happy until the rich boy came into her life and caused bullying and drama...

2. Completely Evil Mom Character


This lady's only goal seems to be making our female lead miserable. She will do anything to break up the main couple, from evicting them to the classic dramatic slap-to-the-face.

5. Annoying Secondary Female


You know this girl is coming when you hear the shrill sound of Oppa! in the distance. She whines, she hates on everyone, and she loves the male lead way too much. Cue another dramatic slap-in-the-face for our female lead.

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